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19 Apr 2017


Hard edges versus softness.
Clair obscur versus sfumato.

blush: Dior Rosy Glow - lipstick: (slightly) MAC Lustering

5 May 2014

Shoplogs and letters

Rusty orange colored suede perfecto from
and it's on sale, hooray!

Ivory cardigan from  
(It was actually my first time entering that store, and I must admit, I too am surprised to have bought something )

Minimalistic earrings from H&M
Ding ding, there is a new favourite amongst the jewellery collection!

Hi there, dear readers of my blog!
Finally I can present you the shoplog I promised in my previous post. It's the result of some short shopping trips last Holiday, two weeks ago. The two following weeks I was -excuse my language- working my ass of for school assignments and internships. In all those years I'm going to school, I've never worked so hard for school for such a period. Ahh, I'ld happily delete that from the list now.

I'm more and more into writing letters, one of my boyfriends birthday gifts came out really useful: a lovely writing set! And because this is a blog, and therefore it's the perfect place to show off a little, I wanted to give you a little peek. Note that the drawing was just redrawn this time, no credits for the design.

Further I wish you all a relaxing week like mine!


6 Dec 2013

Winter whites

Picture by MONKI magazine

Oh December, what are you doing to me?

I am totally getting in the Christmas mood! I went shopping for Christmas presents, decorated my dorm room, spent hours on blogs and webshops for inspiration, and so on. While I actually should stress out because I have a lot of assignments that should be ready in two weeks. But that's typical me again, if you've been following me for a while you will probably have noticed. I am constantly complaining about drowning in homework while I keep procrastinating, classic Siel. 

The holidays are also a nice opportunity to look around for some present inspiration! 
Here is my current Christmas wishlist:
, , , (), , , ,

I urgently need new earbuds since mine fell apart two months ago, but I have a small tingling feeling that someone is taken care of that.. 
However the word oxblood isn't very appealing, the colour definitely is. It's one of the most trendy lip colours of the moment, and I absolutely adore it. Though it's harder to find in store then I thought, I will definitely go look for it again if I have time for a good shopping spree. Tips about this lipstick colour are very welcome !
A girl can never have enough jewellery, right? At least if they're basics, in my humble opinion. I need a few more nice basic earstuds, that will look good on almost every outfit, just like those from & Other Stories!
, , ,  
, photo

Another thing that I would love to add to my collection this winter is the so called 'blanket scarf'. A huge scarf, preferably with tartan print, that you can use as a blanket while sitting by the campfire. Paulien from showing her pretty Zara example above.
Who would ever say no to a fashion comic book? Even if it's written in French! I see this book by the lovely as a great opportunity to revise and improve my French. Also books by the French will do the trick!

, , , 
movie Blind (2007),

Finding my favourite Dutch movie underneath the Christmas tree would be even more awesome. Despite of the cliché cover picture, Blind is a very beautiful movie with the most beautiful . I always wanted to dedicate a blog post to that movie, maybe I will once. But unfortunately I've never found it in store, it's rather hard to find.

Hopefully you enjoined my Christmas wishlist! Are there any things you really want to be underneath your Christmas tree? I would love to know!


19 Aug 2013

Summer boughts and focus troubles

Oh nooo! Why do my outfit pictures always become blurry on screen?? Really annoying! Oh right, I do know why. My camera has difficulties with focussing lately, and I have to put the focus on manual.

Ok enough about the camera annoyances, here is today's outfit! And at the same time I show you a few boughts of last month. I had a very busy summer (hence the blog quietness) and was able to shop exactly one day. Yes, one day, during summer, during the sales period. But I did score this very cool and perfect linen tee at H&M. In reality it's a bit see-through actually. And the bargain of the year, this Vero Moda skirt for only 3 euros. Further I still love the blue rinestone earrings I bought at H&M last year, and my old sandals from New Look. Wow, entirely dressed in high street brands, that doesn't sound very original haha!

Oh and about the messy bun, I had just taken a nap actually! I'm in the middle of my resits now and was tired as hell. Of course my hair didn't look this way when I went to my exam today. But I like a nonchalance hair cut now and then, you might have noticed that al ready :)

Funny how the coat hook looks like an asymmetrical big earring! :)

tee - skirt - earrings H&M - sandals New Look - blue nail polish HEMA