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22 Sep 2014

Hiking in style

So, so, so in love with this top. One of my favourite purchases this summer!

top Urban Outfitters - shorts Zara - cardigan New Look 
backpack from Crete (old) - earrings Tomshot

18 Sep 2014

A flip flop story

I used to be a die hard flip flop wearer during summer. While getting older I realized that it wasn't really appropriate for every occasion. Not for school, not for work, even in the city it felt a little too 'beachy'. You'll understand that I was looking forward to one of the occasions were flip flops are absolutely appropriate: holiday! They were glued to my feet in Lanzarote. Maybe a little too much. It wasn't a very smart decision to wear them here. We were on our way to a beach that was only attainable by a rough path. And that's how I come to the moral of the story: Just because you're able to wear something you really like, doesn't mean it's a smart decision. ;)

jumpsuit H&M - bag Dille & Kamille

Playa Blanca, Lanzarote
(on our way to the Papagaio beaches)

14 Sep 2014

Summer eve

Summer evenings are to be cherished. Especially if you are on a beach with palm trees and a starry sky. Those are the things you'll remember when you're old, the things that give you a dreamy glance in your eyes and make you say: "Those were the days."

silk flower dress - Zara
pink sandals - Inuovo

Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

8 Sep 2014

Can't wait!

Hola amigos!

The boyfriend and I have just returned from our holiday to the lovely island Lanzarote and I can't wait to show you the pictures! Expect an overload of sun, seaside and dry landscapes soon! I'll try to focus on the fashion aspect though. Oh, and the Nike's still have to be shown, I didn't forget! (as if I could)

Stay tuned! :)

24 Sep 2013

This was my summer

Because there suddenly appeared a new post on the 21th, this post had to move a few days later. Sorry for that :)

Summer is officially over now, since it's the 21th of September. Or perhaps on the 24th, but in my eyes the 21th is the first day of autumn. Also my classes start on Monday. A new year, a fresh start it is! So time for a little summer recap. Of course I did a lot more then summarized here, but this were some unforgettable experiences!

I'm starting a little bit ahead of summer, because it was such a magical experience that I had to share it!

Pictures by Jasper
We decided to have a little pick-nick on a most-of-the-time-abandoned airfield while watching the sunset. Quite romantic don't you think? Unfortunately it cooled down really fast afterwards and I was dressed for a hot summer day. So I borrowed a pair of his sweatpants and felt like a hip-hopper while biking home.

Pictures by Katrijn
Pictures by Alexey
One of the first exciting things this summer, going to the festival Copacobana in Ghent with Ruby, Elleke and Katrijn. It' s a two day festival and we had the luck that we all study in Ghent and our dorm rooms are their. Sleeping accommodation: check! On day one it rained cats and dogs but that didn't bother the partying crowd. Despite of the rain there was a very good atmosphere and we danced and danced until the morning light! Ok, maybe a few hours earlier than that. On day two we met a group of international students and for the first time in our lives we talked English the whole evening.

Picture by Lynn
In July I went to one of our many Antwerp dates with my friend Lynn. This time we spend the whole afternoon planning the camp we would give together the next week. And afterwards we made an evening walk around Antwerp including the MAS rooftop.

Picture by Lynn
This summer I gave three camps, as an animator/monitor I mean. Two of them were themed, Fireman Sam-, and Dora and Diëgo-camp! Great times with buddy Lynn again. :)

Then it was time for another festival! The local Meadownight this time. I helped zhe boyfriend and his friends preparing the one day festival and had a great time the day itself. It's just a bit sad that the evening had to end with a scary storm that reminded a little of Pukkelpop 2011.

Picture by Lynn
Later on it was time for another festival, a bigger one this time, which I was looking forward to the whole year: Casa Blanca. It was really amazing to experience it with my boyfriend for the first time, and with my other great friends too of course! I'm reaaaaally curious to see how my disposable camera pics will turn out!

Another thing that happened a lot apart from festivals were parties! Here we were on a local scouts party: Nacht van de Longman, while waiting for the Belgian group Halve Neuro.

Having a perfect hairday...
...while studying.
Those two things don't go very well together unfortunately.
Then the less fun part of this summer. Resits.

Right after resits my love and I went on a city trip to Budapest! Finally some travelling! There probably will come another post about our journey. But all I can say now is that it was simply amazing!

And here we are now.
Goodbye summer, and welcome autumn!

18 Feb 2013

An unexpected journey

My sister asked me very last minute to go on a ski trip. She begged me for years if I wanted to go skiing with her. Last weekend she desperately begged on her knees, while crying: "Siel, please come with me, I'll do anything for you!"
Lol, no that's not what happened. She offered to drive abroad for a one-day-ski-trip. I think it's pretty amazing she wanted to drive a four hour ride, and after all those years I finally said yes! A couple days later we went off to Germany, to Winterberg if you might wonder. The alarm clocks were set on 5 am and on 5h30 am we were ready to go (5 minutes later to be precise, because of me of course). A double disc CD of Michael Jackson accompanied by childhood travelling memories guided our way.

Germany (or at least this part) has a beautiful rolling landscape with hills. But compared to what I'm used to, they rather look like the Himalayas! During the ride I went experimenting with my camera for a while. It was pretty fun to do, aside from the weird stares from some villagers now and then.

This picture was taken at 16:47. The time of arriving back home according to Mr. Garmin was 20:18, which became at least an hour later.
 I've been stalking the red car in front for a while, I hope he didn't mind.

And as the end of the story I can tell you that I fell just once! The other time at the ski lift obviously doesn't count.
I had everything perfectly under control, but the snowboarder next to me didn't, and he started a chain reaction, which I narrowly escaped, until my other neighbour joined the club of falling people, which was so cool that I had to join too. And that's how I fell. But that one didn't count!

31 Dec 2012

Brussels' Christmas lights

The day after Christmas I went to Brussels's Christmas market with friend Lynn. It's definitely the best Christmas market I've ever been to. (I haven't been to many of those actually) We took the train, and about an hour later, we arrived in our capital. We followed the crowd and entered this lovely market. It surprised me that it was some sort of a light show too, a bit like . But unlike the others days lately, the weather was quit ok. It only started raining when we were almost going home. So summarized, it was a good day (evening)!

The widely discussed Christmas tree of Brussels. Already a spectacle on itself.
The most awesome carrousel I've ever seen !
This was so weird! It's a Christmas tree, producing fake snow on top. That snow is captured at the bottom in some sort of an umbrella (upside down), and I guess it's then recycled to the top again.

Happy New Year !

27 Nov 2012

Saturday's adventure

First of all, the Karen Millen dress was the lucky winner of my . It was just perfect for the gala. For a change I combined it with gold this time. A , golden vintage earrings, a brown vintage necklace with golden details and the same bag as last time guided my way through the party. The party was great, and I might have drank a little bit too much, but nevertheless I had an amazing time. Unfortunately the pics turned out rather bad. In other words, my face turned out rather bad on the pics. :p And you can't see any details. Anyway, here is a glimp!

But that wasn't what I wanted to talk about. Last Saturday I went to Amsterdam, like I said in the previous post. It was some sort of a school trip, not obligated, but recommended. The professor and my student union arranged a bus and early in the morning we left Ghent.  All my classes are in the afternoon this semester and I'm not a morning-person at all, so it was kinda strange for me get up that early. The city was still dark and quiet and it was extremely foggy, what gave it a mystique atmosphere. The drunk passenger who rave out incomprehensible nonsense somehow contributed to that.
After a two and a half hour ride I was surprised to see that it was still foggy! Nothing more mysterious then entering a "new" place when it's foggy, and you only see tops of buildings emerging.

First of all we went to the brand new EYE museum, and saw an interesting exhibition about experimental film. Probably because of the fog again, but it looked so much like a space ship!

Some impressions of Amsterdam...

Notice the huge bathtub above? That's the second museum we went to, het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. I was truly amazed by the artists they displayed. All the big names of modern and contemporary art history were represented! From Monet till Mondriaan, Malevitch, Braque, Picasso, Appel, Warhol, Pollock, Newman, Judd and so on.

Afterwards I shot some quick outfit pics, just to please you, cause I was tired as hell! We arrived around 10.30 P.M. in Ghent again.

cardigan Mer du Nord - dress Monki - necklace gift from Ruby

And finally, my boughts! Yes, we had some spare time, and I had loved to go die hard shopping, but unfortunately my friend isn't as addicted to shopping as I am. No hard feelings, everybody has their own interests and I didn't want to push her. Though I was dying a little when I passed Weekday. I'm so glad we didn't passed Monki, that challenge would have been too big! Anyway, I'm certain that I want to go back soon. Maybe in February after my exams? Friend C talked about it with Ruby and me, and I must say, now I definitely wanna go !

Back to Saturday. We did go to some store and I managed to buy some useful stuff. Oh, I'm always so happy when I buy useful things. First we crossed Options, a contemporary department store which I read about before on They had some awesome stuff but my heart especially skipped a beat when I saw their Hurraw! lipbalm collection. Ever since I read about the effect of mineral oil in lip balm I wanted one without it. Buying one online was a little too much effort and I couldn't find any in Belgium, even good old The Body Shop disappointed me. On I read about those ecologic Hurraw! lipbalms, and they looked perfect. So that's how I ended up with this little guy.

We also went to Waterstones, an awesome English bookstore that I also went to last time. But last time I was too full of doubt about buying a compilation of Jane Austen for just 18 euros for Ruby's birthday (I didn't eventually because I would have been a half year ahead), to notice the other great books. I bought a little diary for 2013. My previous one ended in August, but since I made it till November, I can make it one month longer without a diary.

And last bot not least, key caps! I was looking for cool key caps for so long, but I couldn't find any, even Urban Outfitter hadn't got any. I bought these Oreo-look-a-likes in the museum shop of the Stedelijk Museum. I still think they're beyond awesome! But I can't get away of trying one now. Yes indeed, I have never tried an Oreo! Don't you agree that they look disgusting? Come on, they're black, like drop. Yuk.