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19 Apr 2017

After all this time? Yes.

Although there is a silence on this blog for a couple years now, I like to look back now and then, and relive the memories. After all this time it feels kinda odd to talk in English again. Having a blog in a language that is different than your mother tongue does wonders for your language skills, but apparently you have to maintain it.

Now the reason that I'm typing here again is that I found a couple pictures from 2015, when the blogging years weren't that far behind. I think the pictures fit perfectly here on Two Wonder Girls and I really wanted to share them.

These first ones are simple shots, showing an outfit I still adore enormously.

Skirt: River Island - Top: New Look - Lipstick: MAC Matte Sin

22 Sep 2014

Hiking in style

So, so, so in love with this top. One of my favourite purchases this summer!

top Urban Outfitters - shorts Zara - cardigan New Look 
backpack from Crete (old) - earrings Tomshot

18 Sep 2014

A flip flop story

I used to be a die hard flip flop wearer during summer. While getting older I realized that it wasn't really appropriate for every occasion. Not for school, not for work, even in the city it felt a little too 'beachy'. You'll understand that I was looking forward to one of the occasions were flip flops are absolutely appropriate: holiday! They were glued to my feet in Lanzarote. Maybe a little too much. It wasn't a very smart decision to wear them here. We were on our way to a beach that was only attainable by a rough path. And that's how I come to the moral of the story: Just because you're able to wear something you really like, doesn't mean it's a smart decision. ;)

jumpsuit H&M - bag Dille & Kamille

Playa Blanca, Lanzarote
(on our way to the Papagaio beaches)

14 Sep 2014

Summer eve

Summer evenings are to be cherished. Especially if you are on a beach with palm trees and a starry sky. Those are the things you'll remember when you're old, the things that give you a dreamy glance in your eyes and make you say: "Those were the days."

silk flower dress - Zara
pink sandals - Inuovo

Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

27 Aug 2014

All white

Although the pictures may say the opposite, I'm getting really excited over here! And I've got so my reasons: just one more resit to go, in less than four days I'll be about 4000 kilometres further with my feet in the Atlantic ocean and my Nike ID's will arrive today! After Friday, I can finally enjoy the last weeks of summer without any obligations. No resits, no need for studying, no summer job, hoozay!

About the outfit, it's my first try on an all white look! Well technically not 'all' white, but you got the message. I like the result, but to be honest, it didn't really feel like me. An all white look creates such a clean, perfect image. Personally I like things to be a bit more casual and nonchalant. So I guess it'll be an all black look next time? Anyway, I'm too excited because of the reasons above to be bothered. 
Toodles, darlings!

blouse H&M - jeans Mango 
nail polish American Apparel (Neon red) - lipstick Dior (Addict 991 perfecto)

Edit: Today turned out even better than it was! I finally found the perfect black booties that I was looking for so long, the sweet cassière gave me a compliment about my red lipstick, I discovered an awesome cheap design store in my neighborhood and my Nike's have arrived! There was a big smile on my face during the whole way home haha! :D Oh snap, it's even still there!

12 Aug 2014


Same dress, different outfit. This dress looks completely different . Like a playful babydoll. It changes me in a free spirit that only wants to spin around and around!
Oh summer, please never end.

8 Aug 2014

New hair, don't care

I couldn't resist it. I had to find an excuse to show you my freshly cut hair coupe. It's not a big difference, just a bit shorter and it's a little bit layered again, but I like it very much! It feels like such a fabulous WAG's hair cut, always perfectly healthy and bouncy. Until I wash it probably...
Anyway, enough about the hair. Whatcha think of my new blouse? I couldn't resist it in the sales last month. Yet another white blouse. But in my excuse, the pattern is perfectly trendy and we do have to go with our time, don't we?

blouse, flats H&M - pants Zara (old)

6 Aug 2014


Yes, I admit it, I'm hopelessly in love with this dress. I always loved off shoulder tops and wide, swirly skirts, and this dress has both! It makes me feel all girly and playful. My mum calls it my princess dress, and my sister is even worse by calling me a barbie doll who belongs in a window display. But I don't really mind as long as I (and the boyfriend) like it! ^^

&Other Stories dress - vintage belt

PS. these picture reminded me a little too much of a certain Christian tradition we have here. So I had a little fun playing around and made a matching card. Lol.

17 Apr 2014

Wandering through Brussels galleries + Geox

Yesterday I went to Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp in one day. I'm almost starting to feel like a traveler! And then there's school work. Hmpf. Anyway I went to Brussels yesterday to check out the Geox event and do some shopping. My sister was my sidekick this time. Perfect occasion for some outfit pictures?

Vero Moda jacket - vintage pants - Sasha flatforms- H&M earrings - vintage necklace - New Look bag

Trying out a pair of shoes at the Geox store. The lovely pair pictured underneath became the chosen ones. They were so so beautiful, but unfortunately also so so high. There was no platform at the front of the shoe so, and my feet aren't trained to walk on their tip whole the time. And although they were actually quit comfortable, I decided to let them in store. So long, dearest!

PS. There's a shoplog coming up! :)

2 Apr 2014

Bleached white with Blue

At last, another outfit post! The previous one dated the beginning of January, shame on me! In fact I had something similar in 2013 (or was it 2012?). Not a single outfit post, in the same time span. But it was in the period where I posted like ten post a month, so that compensated kinda.
About the outfit, I was happy to dig my Mango pants out of the closet again. I wore it a few times last winter, but I didn't like the contrast with my dark oversized coat, while everyone else was wearing dark clothing. And no, I did not bleach those pants myself. It was happily bought like this! On the picture underneath are today's accessoires listed.

1. pants Mango - shirt C&A Yessica Pure - - bag New Look - -

2. notebook Escher - - book Earth's Children by Auel for research, I'm basing a history class on it

3 Dec 2013

Yay for December

Hello winter! 

It's December, and actually still autumn, but lately I got a true winter feeling. Bring on those hats, gloves and cuddly blankets! The only thing I want do to now is snuggle up in a cosy blanket and watch movies with some candle lights in the background, all preferably together with the boyfriend. Unfortunately there is that thing called assignments, that is stopping me. Most of the time. Yay for December! (being a little sarcastic over here)

I decided to wear the black pants of the JBC collection I won (?) for the first time. To be honest it was one of my least favourite items. It's not as comfy and stretchy as my trusty jegging, made of really thin fabric -When would you wear it anyway? Too hot for summer and too cold for winter- and I wasn't that fond of the print. Somehow it reminded me of a snake skin pattern, which I used to relate with not very fashionable people.
But today I totally changed my mind! I wore it like leggings with an oversized jumper and I must admit it felt really good together. I'll keep it in mind, try tight fitted and printed pants with something oversized!

December also means time to drag my leo coat out of the closet. I couldn't be happier. All hail to the cosy clothing! 

Jumper Promod - trousers Alice Temperley x JBC - leo coat ZARA
socks Women's Secret - earrings vintage Kookaii

7 Sep 2013

A hint of chic

Once upon a time there was a girl, living in a small town. It was right in the middle of summer and several heat waves had past, but today wasn't like that. Today the weather was ok. "It's the perfect moment to grab my new top", thought the girl. So she dressed up in her brand new lace top and a pair of skinny pants. Standing in front of her dresser, looking at her reflection, she saw there was something missing. A drop of colour. So she grabbed her lipstick and painted her lips red. Not too bright, she didn't want to draw attention. But she did like the feeling of lipstick on her lips, so she added her basic coloured MAC lipstick. Looking at her jewellery stand, her eyes fell on those special earrings, the ones her mum bought when she was about the same age, nearly thirty years ago. While putting them on, she spotted her chic Juicy Couture sunglasses. She insisted on wearing them, even though the sun wasn't shining that bright. It all looked perfectly, she thought while nodding her head. But then the girl remembered she just had to go to the supermarket and the post office that day, to buy a stamp for Ruby's birthday card and some last festival essentials. And she concluded that her look was way too chic. After a moment of reflection, she decided to change for a pair of casual jeans shorts, and added some casual old sandals. Thereafter the girl left, perhaps a little overdressed, but still feeling comfortable in her casual chic outfit, to the local post office in her small town.

lace top H&M - jeans shorts ZARA - sandals New Look - sunnies Juicy Couture (c/o ) - earrings vintage Kookaï - nail polish Hema

"Queen of everything"