13 May 2014

Joining pinterest

Finally I decided to join Pinterest!

While searching for some school related inspiration, I stumbled time after time on Pinterest. I noticed that it's a really handy organiser for inspirational images. So after staying far away from Pinterest, with fear of becoming addict as main reason, I finally joined Pinterest.
The main reason (I tell myself) will be school related, think arts en crafts inspiration. But there is also a dose of DIY, beauty, home and fashion. And it keeps expanding on a furious pace lately!

You can follow me if you'd like; and make sure to drop your account, so we can check out each others!

9 May 2014

How to do Burlesque

Burlesque. A theme that has been mentioned quit a few times on this blog ( and ). For me personally, it's a term that stands for mystery, seduction, femininity and above all, elegance. A term that makes me dream of another age.

When I heard there will be a burlesque party in my neighbourhood, you'll understand that I'd love to go. I was wondering what kind of outfits would come out if you styled it with real fashion items of this season. And then this happened. In the first picture a swirly outfit with a mesh skirt, and the second a more classy outfit with sheer and lace.

A little help for if you're ever going to a burlesque inspired party. Here is a list with (in my eyes) the most stereotype items of a burlesque outfit:
  • long gloves
  • corsets
  • ostrich feathers
  • feather boa
  • fishnet tights
  • killer heels
  • lots of bling bling jewellery
  • bright red or pink lipstick
  • fake lashes
  • curled hair
  • lot's of glitters, lace and rhinestones

And just another tip for if you're looking for some stereotypical inspiration, search for: Dita von Teese, Moulin Rouge, Marilyn Monroe or the movie Burlesque

7 May 2014

Editorial love

If there was one thing particular that could make me happy (see, I'm not a difficult person!), it would be changing those great online magazines into paper versions on my doormat. For example , Net-a-porter's magazine. The latest issue contains Sarah Jessica Parker in the most amazing romantic looks. I'm drooling again.

5 May 2014

Shoplogs and letters

Rusty orange colored suede perfecto from
and it's on sale, hooray!

Ivory cardigan from  
(It was actually my first time entering that store, and I must admit, I too am surprised to have bought something )

Minimalistic earrings from H&M
Ding ding, there is a new favourite amongst the jewellery collection!

Hi there, dear readers of my blog!
Finally I can present you the shoplog I promised in my previous post. It's the result of some short shopping trips last Holiday, two weeks ago. The two following weeks I was -excuse my language- working my ass of for school assignments and internships. In all those years I'm going to school, I've never worked so hard for school for such a period. Ahh, I'ld happily delete that from the list now.

I'm more and more into writing letters, one of my boyfriends birthday gifts came out really useful: a lovely writing set! And because this is a blog, and therefore it's the perfect place to show off a little, I wanted to give you a little peek. Note that the drawing was just redrawn this time, no credits for the design.

Further I wish you all a relaxing week like mine!