26 Feb 2014

Randomized birthday week

A moment ago I was enjoying the last of my seafood chocolates, my favourite type of pralines!
(Sorry for making you hungry.)

I've got them for my 21st birthday last Sunday, from my sweet boyfriend.

Unfortunately it resulted way too soon in this. Sad face.

Another birthday gift was a polaroid camera! I have to thank my friends this time for this truly awesome gift. First selfie: Check.

On Monday I went buying some presents for some others, and I stumbled on a large ! That's my word for a huge scarf, it has similarities with a blanket in my opinion. I found this one at the Pieces store, and on sale!

Just love this colour combination. Difference in colours, patterns and texture, and still a neutral entity.

The series I'm watching at the moment. Unfortunately the dvd-drive of my laptop isn't responding anymore, so I have to get that fixed first. Hopefully it won't be too expensive. Sad face again.

Making a still life for school. Kinda surrealistic.

And this is my interpretation of the still life. Still working on it. And just for the record, it was a different plate and bowl in the lower version!

13 Feb 2014

Valentine's Inspirations

Femme Fatale

Left look by , right look by .  rose.
1. bracelet 2. lip clutch 3. Ruby Woo 4. tights 5. ankle boots 6.  flats 7. pumps 8. Stay-ups 9. bra

Soft Romance
Left look by , right look by .  roses.
1.  2. 3. necklace 4. nail polish 5. 3 in 1 Moisturizer 6. ankle boots 7. BCBGirls Ariel pumps 8. ankle boots 9. tights 10. bra

Hi guys!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and this year I wanted to make a post about the most romantic holiday of the year. Wether you see it as a mood board, a secret wishlist or just some inspiration to dress up, I hope you like it! :) There are two themes: Femme fatale and Soft romance. Despite I (and probably many other woman) love a femme fatale look, I'll be wearing something inspired by the other one. The main reason is that we're going to a casual birthday party in our local youth club, and also because I want to wear my new flower dress (seen in the previous post) with over knee socks.

So, which one is your favourite? And do you have plans for Valentine's Day? I'd love to hear!


12 Feb 2014


Yup, definitely going to wear bright red lips more often!

But that being said, with Valentine's day coming up Brilliant Earth asked me to describe my interpretation of the word love. Not as easy as I thought apparently, it kept me busy for days! I'm not sure about my opinion yet, it is an interesting subject to philosophy about in the future, but this is what I've got to say about love for now.

We use the word 'love' so often. We fall in love with shoes, with the newest Proenza Schoeler handbag. But do we actually love those Prada pumps? Are you in love with your Dior blush? Of course not.
Maybe we are overusing the expression 'to love something' a little too much. Lately it seems like we have forgotten what 'to love' really means. It means caring about a person, missing them when they are away. I haven't figured out yet if it means the same as true love, were people in the movies always seems to be obsessed by. But it sure is something to desire and cherish.

Zara dress, Urban Outfitters tights
Wishing you all the best in love and a great Valentine!
Stay tuned for another V-day's post coming soon.

6 Feb 2014

The red dress

There is one big reason I why I regret dying my hair.

Don't take me wrong, I love my henna colour, and got several compliments about it. (Seriously at least once a month! O.o) But a red dress will never look as good on me as on a brunette or blonde person.
Such a shame, because I believe every woman should have a red dress in her closet. It gives an instant boost of self-confidence, sexiness and it will draw attention. A few years ago I wrote about the , and still think that's true.
But I also understand if you're not in the mood for a red dress, you can't wear it daily. It has to feel a bit special, so wear it on precious occasions. My favourite way to wear a red dress is in summer with bare legs and some tinkling bracelets while going for a stroll on a little market or beach. But since there is another great occasion coming up: Valentine's Day, I'll show you some killer red dresses!

(click on the pictures for the sources)

4 Feb 2014

Marble rainbow cupcakes

Last week I went to a friend for a good old girlsnight. Ahh don't you love girlsnights/sleepovers?
We decided to make cupcakes. And because there were several decoration options to play with, we choose to make rainbow cupcakes!

Mixing the dough and adding some chocolate chips.

They turned out looking moldy. I loved it haha. Great idea for a theme party or something! Oh and if you use red pigment they will look like meatloaf, pretty gross too haha!

Tadaa, the result!

Lynn made a "Siel" for me and I made an "L" for her.
Enjoyed together with a bottle of Martini Rosato, a romantic movie and a bag of chips for later. Yum!

Marble rainbow!
And the very best thing, they tasted heavenly.