28 Dec 2013

Beauty inspirations

Normally I don't like to use the word 'inspiration' on the blog, since it's something personal. On fashion and lifestyle websites we are constantly confronted with the word, but to be honest I'm not always inspired by it. Beauty is one of those aspect in which you really can be inspired in my opinion. In a literal way I mean, you can try to copy it for yourself or so.

Here are some beauty looks that inspire me and that are also perfect for NYE! I'm especially in love with the two top looks. You might have noticed my love for dark red coloured lipstick from previous posts. :)

Ox blood coloured lipstick, combined with heavy brows, highliter and just a tad of mascara.

Unusual eyeliner underneath the eye (right) gives a quirky look.

All hail to shimmer! Above one of my favourite beauty looks ever from the Louis Vuitton catwalk. Underneath another quirky look with an unusual eyeliner underneath the eye. I love how it gives such a refreshing touch.

Those were my current beauty inspirations. I hope you enjoyed it and wish you all happy holidays!

sources pics: unknown, feel free to tell me if you know!

25 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas + holiday favourites

It's Christmas today!

And because of that special reason I'm showing you a few of my holiday favorites. Some old, some new but all very enjoyable these days.

A good book to read, especially since it a classic like Jane Austen.
Pink earrings from Jutka & Riska in Antwerp. I bought them a few years ago but I've barely wore those since I died my hair... Pity!

Still happy with last years B-day present: Dior Rosy Glow Blush (colour is different IRL)
Necklace from H&M, finally customized with my lovely boyfriend. 
Christmas is all about being warmhearted isn't it?

A beautiful chic H&M necklace.
Small emergency eyeshadow palette (with the best highliter ever) from Essence.
Also very handy these days, a new concealer: Estée Lauder Double Wear

My beloved Hurraw! lipbalm, mineral oil free.
Discovery of the month: HEMA's 'Today I feel marvelous perfume'. But one does not simply buys a perfume until one is certain about it's smell, so I started with the bodylotion.

A lovely family movie roughly based on real history, yes please.

Well, then there is just one more thing to say:

I'm wishing you all a

the TwoWonderGirls

6 Dec 2013

Winter whites

Picture by MONKI magazine

Oh December, what are you doing to me?

I am totally getting in the Christmas mood! I went shopping for Christmas presents, decorated my dorm room, spent hours on blogs and webshops for inspiration, and so on. While I actually should stress out because I have a lot of assignments that should be ready in two weeks. But that's typical me again, if you've been following me for a while you will probably have noticed. I am constantly complaining about drowning in homework while I keep procrastinating, classic Siel. 

The holidays are also a nice opportunity to look around for some present inspiration! 
Here is my current Christmas wishlist:
, , , (), , , ,

I urgently need new earbuds since mine fell apart two months ago, but I have a small tingling feeling that someone is taken care of that.. 
However the word oxblood isn't very appealing, the colour definitely is. It's one of the most trendy lip colours of the moment, and I absolutely adore it. Though it's harder to find in store then I thought, I will definitely go look for it again if I have time for a good shopping spree. Tips about this lipstick colour are very welcome !
A girl can never have enough jewellery, right? At least if they're basics, in my humble opinion. I need a few more nice basic earstuds, that will look good on almost every outfit, just like those from & Other Stories!
, , ,  
, photo

Another thing that I would love to add to my collection this winter is the so called 'blanket scarf'. A huge scarf, preferably with tartan print, that you can use as a blanket while sitting by the campfire. Paulien from showing her pretty Zara example above.
Who would ever say no to a fashion comic book? Even if it's written in French! I see this book by the lovely as a great opportunity to revise and improve my French. Also books by the French will do the trick!

, , , 
movie Blind (2007),

Finding my favourite Dutch movie underneath the Christmas tree would be even more awesome. Despite of the cliché cover picture, Blind is a very beautiful movie with the most beautiful . I always wanted to dedicate a blog post to that movie, maybe I will once. But unfortunately I've never found it in store, it's rather hard to find.

Hopefully you enjoined my Christmas wishlist! Are there any things you really want to be underneath your Christmas tree? I would love to know!


3 Dec 2013

Yay for December

Hello winter! 

It's December, and actually still autumn, but lately I got a true winter feeling. Bring on those hats, gloves and cuddly blankets! The only thing I want do to now is snuggle up in a cosy blanket and watch movies with some candle lights in the background, all preferably together with the boyfriend. Unfortunately there is that thing called assignments, that is stopping me. Most of the time. Yay for December! (being a little sarcastic over here)

I decided to wear the black pants of the JBC collection I won (?) for the first time. To be honest it was one of my least favourite items. It's not as comfy and stretchy as my trusty jegging, made of really thin fabric -When would you wear it anyway? Too hot for summer and too cold for winter- and I wasn't that fond of the print. Somehow it reminded me of a snake skin pattern, which I used to relate with not very fashionable people.
But today I totally changed my mind! I wore it like leggings with an oversized jumper and I must admit it felt really good together. I'll keep it in mind, try tight fitted and printed pants with something oversized!

December also means time to drag my leo coat out of the closet. I couldn't be happier. All hail to the cosy clothing! 

Jumper Promod - trousers Alice Temperley x JBC - leo coat ZARA
socks Women's Secret - earrings vintage Kookaii