28 Nov 2013

Living in the past: Halloween '13

Do you know those moments when you're kinda busy, and when you're not busy you're just lazy and want to relax so you waste your time on mindlessly surfing the internet?
Well, this sort of describes my November. Why am I telling you this? Because I still have to show you my Halloween post! Almost a month after date I show you my awesome Halloween weekend!

On the 31st of October I organised a Halloween party at my place, just . The decision was made on the day itself so I hadn't got a lot preparation time. Luckily I had some experience from the previous time so I recycled a few things that weren't hard to make. I went to the supermarket to get my ingredients and went in a hurry to another supermarket cause they hadn't got all I wanted in the first one en started the preparations.

Looking for all sort of decorations true the house. Here are some of them. What you see are a lot candle holders, incense, dried roses, a pumpkin, and my personal favourite: Some garlic to keep the vampires away.

Boyfriend to the rescue! He helped me finish the snacks (sort of) on time.

Personal food favourite: eyeballs...
Made with lychees, berries on the inside, and a bit food colouring for the veins. Scary right?!

Snacks, check. Food (here radish mouses), check. Friends, check.

Slippery eyeballs, next to beer and mocktails.

Graveyards and candlelight, a perfect Halloween combo if you'd ask me!

And an over all atmosphere impression.

Something that we did plan in advance was a Halloween party on the day afterwards. Months before I started thinking about possible outfits (fashion blogger alert!). And after several considerations, two came out as best. A chic vampire, or a messy witch. Note that it was a Pimps and Ho's x Halloween party. I tried both outfits before, with the things I had in my dorm room.

Vampire - Planned with a chic hairdo, like a chignon, perfect make up and a bright red lipstick. For the jewellery are diamond earrings and a pearl necklace absolutely necessarily.

Witch - Messy hair, a bird claw necklace and some sloppy over knee socks were the ingredients to my witch transformation. +some dark eye make up which is kinda missing in those pics

photocredits: Lynn
And then the final result, slightly different from the try-outs, but still ok I think.
Me as a black witch, joined by a boyfriendHulk, a devil, a schoolgirl, and some witchy/vampirish creatures.

Photocredits: Lynn
At the party.
Afterwards it became sort of epic.

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween journey, even though you're probably rather getting in a X-mas vibe! While you're reading this I'll be probably studying for a big test coming up at the end of the week, so wish me luck! And good luck to you in all the stressy things you may be suffering from at the moment!


7 Nov 2013

Nymphs and godesses, Dolce and Gabbana I

Spring 2014 ready-to-wear Dolce and Gabbana

The last few years I'm getting more and more into Dolce and Gabbana. I'm attracted by their feminine sensuality. Their ability to make a woman sexy without making it vulgar, while still getting a very glamorous result. Don't get me wrong, I also love rather minimalistic silhouettes, but sometimes a good dose of glamorous gets me drooling. 
I'll show you why, by my favourites of their latest collections, starting backwards chronological with the Spring 2014 collection.

This collection was very enchanting. A very playful and light way to view spring. Despite the chunky added flowers, the collection still looks flowy and light. With a magical atmosphere, in which the models are replaced by nymphs. Reminder for springtime: Try on some lilac eyeshadow, combined with tons of highliter and a sweet pink blush.
The collection contains three recurring themes. The first one I just described, an ancient Greece/Rome inspired part and one with a lot gold and embellishment.
And I know the pictures aren't that large (you can always click on them to enlarge), but a tip for viewing a collection of Dolce & Gabbana is to pay attention to the details. Check how amazing they are!

(invisible line dividing this post in two)
Fall 2013 ready-to-wear Dolce and Gabbana

This collection of Dolce & Gabbana must be my favourite ever! Is there anything not to love about it? It contains amazing make up, history, gemstones, shoes and last but not least, clothes!

Fall 2013, it ain't gonna be more accurate! This season's collection has a large dose of glamour, with some royal influences. Or rather a lot royal influences. It starts with highlighting one of the greatest ancient cultures, that once had an important role in Italy: the Byzantine empire. On the clothing we see a literal translation of the famous Byzantic mosaics, guided by a numerous gemstones. Add a gold background colour, some majestic dresses and you become an instant godess.
Secondly there is a way more modest part, containing mainly greys and black. The silhouettes and fabric are in the middle of attention here. I think it is about the Italian woman, showing her typical class and style. 
In the end we go back to the Byzantic glamour, but one a more femme fatale way. The patterns and gems remain, but all translated in red dresses this time. Together with crowns and fierce make up, they're creating true queens.
Coming to the make up, this is also a big reason why I love this collection so much! The models have dark red lips, a trend where I've completely fallen for since last year. Finishing of with a simple eyeliner, a healthy sleek dark haircut and saying goodbye to bushy brows, this makes a perfect look.

Oh and just one thing, look a those shoes. They've got caged heels, surrounded by roses. CAGED HEELS SURROUNDED BY ROSES! 
Please get a towel, you are drooling on your screen.