28 Oct 2013

A puppet for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I know I'm a little early, but halloween must be my favourite holiday ever (if it was a holiday here in Belgium). Dressing up, decorating, or giving awesome halloween themed parties we did two years ago! Probably there won't be a party like that this year, unless I immediately start planning for a party in a couple of days.. (you notice the secret wish?) But there is a Halloween dance party planned on Friday. Hopefully Ruby will make it too! Lot's of dressing up options have crossed my mind, but I do know one thing for sure. It won't be a puppet like here. Dancing around with wires doesn't seem like a very good idea. So that makes one option less, and still dozens to choose from. How will you dress up for Halloween? 

pictures by Ruby
more pictures of this shoot
crop top, bag New Look - skirt H&M - tights Monki

24 Oct 2013

Quality above quantity?

I'm not a big fan of those cheap Asian webshops. You know, the kind of shop that sell's copies of designer items. If you are in doubt about a shop, check the bag section, much likely that you'll recognize the current it-bags! And that's the main reason I don't like them. The prices are great, but the circumstances are probably less great, and originality is hard too find. Although the designs are often really pretty, and these type of shops are the only places to find cheap knock-off's of high fashion clothing. But I do think it's a pest for designers. Every season they work hard to finish their collection in time and promote it. Imagine suddenly spotting cheap and of much lower quality copies of your hard work. Quality above quantity!
But still the temptation is quite strong, if you spot those beautiful designs, that you'll hardly find in regular stores. I might consider making an exception for these beauties:

All from .

The two coats on top seem like the perfect coats for the type of the year, since the weather feels like the end of September. Aka still quite warm. Two years I was looking for a black cape-like coat (?) which I didn't find, but which I still think it's cute. Especially with that cute furry cap. And that dress is a perfect basic exemplar for autumn. I imagine you can style it like a Little Black Dress in a million ways.
Although I completely fell in love with the olive shade on top (trendy!), I went absolutely head over heels for the first coat. So if you are in a random-giving-gifts-to-strangers-mood, you know where to find me! ;)

5 Oct 2013

JBC - Event

Have you ever won an entire clothing collection? Me neither.

This is what I would have said a week ago. But let me start from the beginning. Last week I won tickets for a VIP-shopping night at JBC, to celebrate it's collaboration with the British Alice Temperley. I invited Ruby, and together we entered Antwerp's JBC store on the Meir. Inside the beautiful building we discovered the new collection while enjoining a glass of rosé wine.
picture by
In the middle of the store there was the prettiest setting on a table in shades of red and pink. But the best thing about that table were definitely the refreshments. My personal favorite were the little candy ice cream cones, yum!

There was also a style battle, meaning that you had to pick one item from the A.T. x JBC collection, and combine it with other JBC clothing. I picked the gorgeous flowered pencil skirt and combined it with a black long sleeve cropped top. Ruby opted for the white pencil skirt and wore it with a sporty T-shirt and her beautiful dark lipstick (I need to get such a lipstick too, it's sooo beautiful!).

You could probably guess what comes next. The jury decided, and choose my outfit as a winner. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard my name calling! With a big smile and completely shaky I went to Tiany Kiriloff to accept my prize: the whole Alice Temperly for JBC collection! I still can't believe it.

Later Ruby and I went separate ways, both heavily loaded, and both satisfied I think! (Ruby: yes yes, very satisfied. I had an amazing time as well! ^-^)

And here I am now, surrounded by the entire collection I won. Still extremely happy.
I apologize in advance if I will become a walking advertisement for AT x JBC, but I guess you will understand the situation. :)