26 Aug 2013

Rooftops and Antwerp

It is probably in every touristic brochure by now, but if you ever go to Antwerp, you must go to the MAS. The Museum Aan de Stroom is quite an iconic building, but it's best side is definitely the rooftop. After you've taken nine escalators and one regular stairs, you will see one of Antwerp's finest views.
I love coming here in the evening, when the museum has al ready closed it's doors. When it's nice and quiet and there aren't a lots of visitors. Add a beautiful sunset, and it will be a perfect night.

Oh and the good part, since the rooftop is independent of the museum, you don't have to pay any entrance. It's free!

dress JBC - jacket Steps - glasses Primark - flipflops H&M

24 Aug 2013

The power of NEON

All hail to the power of neon!

I love a neon touch in a basic outfit. Especially when there are neutral colours involved like .
"Aren't you a little bit too late?", you might think. As this neon trend is almost over. Well, I love trends, but I love it even more to apply them in my own style. What to do with that shoulder padded jacket and those coloured tights from a couple years ago, wear them of course !

 I was planning to wear a basic outfit too, but I couldn't find my black V-neck , so my striped shirt had to do the trick. Dark blue, white, jeans, still quite basic I'd think. So mission accomplished!

shirt (old) H&M - boyfriend jeans H&M - neon nail polish American Apparel

My dad took my camera with him on vacation and lost the lens cap over there. Once home again, he immediately went to a photography store to buy a new one. Only this time he bought one with a cord.
I still don't know what to think about it. Look at it. Barely any difference with the pendulum of a cuckoo-clock. But I guess it will no longer get lost..

19 Aug 2013

Summer boughts and focus troubles

Oh nooo! Why do my outfit pictures always become blurry on screen?? Really annoying! Oh right, I do know why. My camera has difficulties with focussing lately, and I have to put the focus on manual.

Ok enough about the camera annoyances, here is today's outfit! And at the same time I show you a few boughts of last month. I had a very busy summer (hence the blog quietness) and was able to shop exactly one day. Yes, one day, during summer, during the sales period. But I did score this very cool and perfect linen tee at H&M. In reality it's a bit see-through actually. And the bargain of the year, this Vero Moda skirt for only 3 euros. Further I still love the blue rinestone earrings I bought at H&M last year, and my old sandals from New Look. Wow, entirely dressed in high street brands, that doesn't sound very original haha!

Oh and about the messy bun, I had just taken a nap actually! I'm in the middle of my resits now and was tired as hell. Of course my hair didn't look this way when I went to my exam today. But I like a nonchalance hair cut now and then, you might have noticed that al ready :)

Funny how the coat hook looks like an asymmetrical big earring! :)

tee - skirt - earrings H&M - sandals New Look - blue nail polish HEMA