31 Jul 2013


I randomly came across this picture, and it inspired me for making a blogpost. Why? Because it unites three of my all time favourite designer bags! OK, not in the edition of my choice, but hey that orange Givenchy does look good!

's black lacquer Bayswater (WANT!), brown Cookie Bayswater 
's black Cookie, brown mini
's golden Bayswater
's black Bayswater

The Mulberry Bayswater is a classic, popular amongst all ages, both young and old. I've mentioned him a (long) time ago in my , which is still quite the same actually! It's a classic bag that stands above trends and will never be old-fashioned. And despite it's price of nearly 1000 euros (Hey, have you raised??), I think it might be worth the money. It's one of those life time investments, made by the best craftsmen, and ready to be with you for the rest of your life. 

My two favourite Candy bag ambassadors: !
and !
's python is actually the only 'special edition' I like.
, taking the Candy bag kinda literally.

Furla's Candy bag, ahh I fell in love from the first minute I saw him. I'm still surprised about my love for this fella, normally I don't tend to fall for hand-or-elbow-held bags. While not wanting to offend anyone, I link this type of bag with bitchy people. (Hello prejudice!) But the Candy bag's quirky plastic material and vibrant colours didn't had this effect on me, and immediately made me drool. On the other hand because of it's flashy colours, not very practical shape and not to mention it's transparency, this bag can become quite a challenge. And I'm afraid it's not a timeless bag either. But, it is the cheapest of these all with a price about 150 to 200 euros!

  with a mini green croco and a mini black Antigona.
's breathtaking cream Antigona that made me fall for these beauties. (WANT!)

The Givenchy Antigona will be for ever a dream I'm afraid. Since it's prices begin at 1400 euros, and that is just a tat too much for me. The design is sober, minimal, and that's just perfect. And because of it's large size it would be a perfect replacement for my overly-used bag, which is kinda falling apart at the moment. :( Any ideas for some kind of a knock-off? (Please no replicas, I'm not a big fan of those.)

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28 Jul 2013

Copacobana outfit Ruby day 1

Here is Ruby's cute festival outfit. I especially think it's adorable how small she looks in these pics! ^^ And don't you just looove her awesome hat? Nobody looks as good with hats as Ruby does!
It was still the same grey and rainy day but we were ready for it, like true adventurers. Sometimes you just got to go, otherwise you'll miss all the fun!

And here a pic on the festival itself, the day after:
Thanks for the pic, Alexey!
We made some international friends that evening, really cool! Despite the fact that we always talk in English on our blog, it was kinda weird to constantly talk to each other in English. It was actually harder than I thought it would be! Anyway, it was a fun night, and I didn't mind missing the bus and walking home for about 45 minutes.. Give me a cherry beer, and I'm a happy girl !

24 Jul 2013

Copacobana outfit Siel day 1

 Ruby and I went to the festival Copacabana in Ghent the last weekend of June. Unfortunately it was raining the whole day, but that didn't ruin the atmosphere. On the contrary, a smaller amount of people grouped together in front of the stage and danced and danced and danced until the morning light! Or at least until our last bus towards home arrived.
In my eyes, the best thing about this festival is that we can sleep in my dorm room in Ghent. No uncomfortable camping, but all the benefits of a real house. In other words, the possibility to properly prepare nice festival outfits and make-up, yay! But I do have to make one little confession, I was wearing an absolutely necessary rain coat on top of this. Otherwise I would have been cold to the bone in just a few hours.

dress Topshop (old) - jacket Promod - bag Zara (old) - watch D&G - boots Diesel - earrings

22 Jul 2013

He made my day

Crop tops, you've got to love them! They're not for the rather insecure type, even I hid behind a screen of confidence in the beginning of the day. But I must admit that I loved wearing this outfit! A flowy skirt with bare legs, and a little hint of a belly button. During the day I started to feel more and more confidential and it did show of! Here's a little anecdote of that day: I was walking to the station of Antwerp central when my eyes randomly crossed the eyes of a boy. He smiled at my direction, and I had to suppress the urge to look behind me, to look at whom he smiled. I looked back at him and he smiled even more to make clear it was me he was smiling at. And then he gave me an air kiss and a wink while crossing each other, haha! This all happened in just a few seconds but it made my day and I couldn't stop smiling afterwards! :)

skirt vintage, crop top New Look, boots Avance, glitter socks H&M, 
mint nail polish Gosh, wooden earrings Pimkie (old)

(These are pics from June, an outfit like this would be waaaaay too hot now!)

19 Jul 2013

Sneak peek: Celebrating the start of summer

I'm a bit behind with blogposts, sorry about that! Yours truly hasn't been home very often lately.
These pictures are from the last weekend of June. Ruby came two days to Ghent with me for the festival Copacobana. (Click for last year's pics) We had the best time celebrating the start of summer vacation! More about that later, but here is a little sneak peek al ready. We prepared some photo shooting in my dorm room, and later I took Ruby and Katrijn to , my 1 3rd time al ready! Love that place, and I'm sure Ruby also loves it now!

Look what my sweet boyfriend made for me! My name carved in wood, so awesome! He had been working on and hiding it for a whole month. I'm still impressed!

And here is the real sneak peek of the photoshoot. Stay tuned!

16 Jul 2013

Let's grab a Hawaiian flower necklace and a straw skirt

Les Néréides

Say hello to my new favourite jewellery brand !
I recently discovered and immediately fell in love with the brand. Gosh, I want to buy everything! Especially their tropical line, waaw! Let me grab a straw skirt and Hawaiian flower necklace and I'll fit right in! :D No seriously, these would look amazing with a flowy red summer dress and slightly curled hair. Or as a playful touch on a rather chic outfit. And I can go on and on and on...

But their daisy-and-ladybug-collection reminds me a lot of the 'Diorette ring' from Dior, a couple seasons ago. Nevertheless, it is an amazingly beautiful line!

13 Jul 2013

Alice in Wonderland - Bloopers

Hello everybody. We still have some bloopers left for you. I had to make a strict selection since we have so many of these pictures, but I thought these were the most funny. (I hope Siel agrees! ^-^) hehe. Well, I guess the Red and White Queen can sometimes have fun too and just act a little crazy. Enjoy the blooper pictures. ^-^

7 Jul 2013

A touch of color!

Hello everyone ^-^^ How are you? I still had this outfit post somewhere on my computer. It's a beautiful outfit from Siel from when we went to the L'Oreal Professional Show. It was a wonderful show and the party afterwards was splendid as well. Not to mention we were very gracious that a taxi could bring us home safely! Here is the proof Siel looks amazing in almost everything! She can wear cute and sweet clothes, but also modern and experimental clothes! ^-^ She always seems to amaze me with her outfits! ^-^ Don't you agree!

cardigan Didi - blouse, necklace, bag vintage - pants Essentiel - glitter socks H&M - flatforms Sasha - mint nailpolish Gosh