27 Jun 2013

Off with your HEAD!

"It is far better to be feared than loved!' - Red Queen

Here we present our interpretation of the Red Queen or Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. We tried to create a bombastic look somehow. So I took my vintage blouse and a heavy skirt with a red skirt over it. We added some carts to create a complete look, and this is the result. What do you think? The cold, rainy weather eventually created a good atmosphere. It's actually fun to dress up and take pictures, have you ever tried it? Please let us know if you did ^-^ Enjoy the pictures!

24 Jun 2013

Red vs White Queen

~ Alice in Wonderland -
"Alice dear where have you been. So near, so far, so in between."

Hello everybody. Ruby here again. (after a while not posting.) I do apologize for keeping a lot of posts for myself, but I promised myself I will be preparing all of them today. Lucky I had edited them already so I only have to make the posts. The exams are over and we can finally start planning our summer. I didn't planned anything yet, except for the festival in Gent. I look forward to it! Finally seeing Siel again after such a long time. These pictures you will see are taken a while ago, but they are truely amazing in my opinion. We had so much fun taking these in the most horrible weather! x') We hope for better weather in summer though. Do you guys have plans for summer? 

22 Jun 2013

Comfort heaven

Voila, another outfitpost! I bought this dress last month, and later completely forgotten about it. Shame on me. So I took it to my place in Ghent, but unfortunately the weather was way too hot to wear it. So I planned to wear it to my exam last Thursday (which was also a tad too warm actually). A great occasion for this baby's first step in the world. Afterwards I wondered why it took me so long, This.Is.So.Comfy!  Comfort heaven!
Funny also how my face reflexes my feelings of that day. The exam didn't go very well, but not entirely bad either. What you see is a state of self-recognition, peace with whatever the result will be. I just had this dull neutral smile on my face all day. Also thanks for pointing out that I look tired that day, dear classmate. Now I see these pictures, I have to admit you're right.

maxi dress - cardigan JBC   

And I just looove how flowy this dress is! Not too much just a little, just what I was looking for! :)

PS1. Another outfitpost is coming soon!
PS2. My Flickr account is almost full (again), yaiks! Does anybody know another way to store (many) pictures for free?

20 Jun 2013


June, probably my least favourite period of the year.
There wasn't much going on this month. Or in other words, there was a lot going on this month but I had to skip it because of exams. -Yeah, yeah, I'll stop complaining about them!- But I'm afraid I can't show you very exiting things now. However I can show you a little impression of my month! Most days felt the same, so it were the little things that made it more special. Have a look!

 Painting my nails with the nail polish Ruby gave me for my birthday. I have to admit that I secretly had doubts about it in the beginning, but that's gone now! I love this colour! Thanks Ru!

And then of course this happens... 
I am seriously thinking about buying OPI Drip Dry now! Any experience?

Trying out my new sandals (brand called Inuovo, by Vollenberg)
Still doubting about removing the chains, their tinkling sound drives me crazy!

Trying out a middle parting (middenstreep) again. It does look quite okay, doesn't it?

Lunch! And man it was delicious! Yum, just looking at it makes me hungry again!

Heard a lot good things about this guy, I'm curious to find out! 
White powder that turns transparent to set your foundation. A cheap knock off of Mac prep+prime.
Got a visitor this day. It's only the third time this year (and first time to capture!) that a bird came this close to my window, so yeah I was pretty excited. :)

Going out for diner with friends, spaghetti chez Katrijn! Great to wear heels again, it can give a confidence boost! Despite the state of these shoes I barely wear heels actually. (shoes New Look, old)

Time to go to bed! I love how cosy this looks when I turn off the main light and turn on my night light. 
Don't you wanna crawl there in and stay for good? I do!
Nighty night!

By the way, there will be a new outfit post soon! :)

17 Jun 2013

Looking in the depths of your soul

Do you now those moments when you're just not in the mood for smiling? Not that you're in a bad mood or something. You just feel like meh. And if you would try smiling for a picture, it would certainly look fake. This was one of those moments. While being on a study-break during a hot exam period last August, I was testing how half painted lips looked. Very subtle and minimizing I noticed.

For some reason I kinda like this picture, despite it's 'raw' and messy look. It looks like my eyes are staring directly into the deepest of your soul. Even more when this picture is enlarged, but that won't come out right with the blog lay-out so I can't show you. However I do feel a little weird about being drawn to my own eyes.

6 Jun 2013

One word, five letters

This is how my world looks like currently. One word, five letters: S.T.U.D.Y. 
I have three more exams to go, (I know, it's not that much. But still it's enough! ) of wich the next one is tomorrow. And I am so going to die, there is way too little time! Yet I'm here making this post, silly girl.
What I'm trying to say is that I won't be uploading very much this month. Also having no internet connection is quite annoying, I hope that can be fixed soon.
While I'm on my lonely isolated isle again, now and then I get some nice encouraging texts. But sometimes the nice and encouraging part is hard to find, just like this one from my mum. Love you too zenne.