31 May 2013

Not in a very talkative mood

Hi there !
Long time no see :)
But I'll make it up to you! Here are some brand new pics, just from today.

Even with a hidden outfit sneak peek!

And some yumzie strawberries!

And socks!
Yeah I don't know why either...

Super extra long supermodel legs!
Nah, it's just the angle luckily.
And hey, another hidden outfit sneak peek!

And also a mini shoplog!
New Tee from .

And the reason why I'm not in a very talkative mood today:
Exams. Finals. Studying. Yuk.

So wish me luck on my very first exam Monday! I'm gonna need it!

dress (old) H&M - belt vintage - jeggings Esprit - socks Women's Secret

24 May 2013


A while ago a friend of me asked if I would cosplay, just an hypothetical question. And to be honest, I'd love it! I love dressing up, especially in themes, and why not a geeky theme for once? I started to think about characters, but I'm not into anime/games so it was quit hard actually. And it had to be someone I knew. Preferably a redhead, like my henna-dyed hair. Hmm. Any redheads in Lord of the Rings? Nope. Any redheads in Disney? Meredith from the movie Brave? Or perhaps Bloom from the series Winx? But then I knew it, Black Widow would be awesome! (aka Scarlett Johansson), from The Avengers and Iron Man. And I had seen a great youtube make-up tutorial about Scarlett Johansson once, perfect! In all my enthusiasm I immediately had to try it.

Make-up master Promise Phan tells us how to do it:

My first try:
please ignore the messy room
What do you think, do I make a good Scarlett? Of course several things could be better (like the shape of the lips, eyes and brows), but it's a start!
versus normal, bare-faced me on the right.

It's always funny to see how things come over way more natural on picture. Those big lips didn't feel natural. Not at all. And trying to smile like her almost gave me cramps, my cheeks are still rehabilitating!
What I mainly did was emphasizing my cheeks in their round apple form, shaping my nose to a tip-tilted nose, and redrawing my lips twice or maybe thrice as thick. And adding the beauty mark off course!

By the way, here is another example of my silly shaping experiences in post!

This is another perfect example of me, searching for excuses to do anything but studying! It's clearly exam period over here.

20 May 2013

50 shades of blue

Something I often forget, but is surely a fun thing to do is editing pictures! Just a little bit of photoshop gives an instant professional effect! Not that I'm a photoshopping pro, but a little change of lights often does the trick. Let me show you:

For example our old blogheader.

As you can see the picture has a warm, yellow light. Adding a subtle blue shade makes it look like a cool fashion editorial. Or like I love to think, like a murder/detective TV-series promo!

Another example of adding a subtle blue shade in a picture, from our pick-nick in the park. It's still my over-all favourite !

The colours look bright and fun, like a great afternoon (which it was). But I wanted something more professional. Like Vogue-editorial-professional!

And just one more to end, from blogpost:

The only thing I did in all these pics was adding a coloured (blue) filter. Amazing isn't it? The main reason is that I still haven't got photoshop on my laptop, only on the pc back home. And since I'm most of the time in my dorm room, I have to settle with Picasa. Which is by the way, an excellent free picture editing program if you ask me, the best I've had so far !

18 May 2013

Hello summer, welcome!

Just one more outfit from last week! I could spoil the whole image by saying it was actually a dark and rainy day, and I had to wear boots, and my hair was totally frizzy because of the weather; but I won't. I love the swirly, quirky aspect of these pics. It says:"Hello summer, welcome!" A little girly, and a little bit coolness, and ready to go. Hmm also great as a festival outfit, combined with a hat of course!

Cropped top: Urban Outfitters, skirt: WE, pink nailpolish: HEMA

By the way, do you spot the ombre nail polish on my fingernails from post?

14 May 2013

Man repelling and ombre nails

 Exactement one week ago, I wore this rather man repelling outfit. Excuse my tired face but it was quit a tiresome day, with a lot of travelling (tram - train - bus - oops wrong bus! - other bus - bus back - train - tram). I'm barely (read: not) wearing any make up on regular days lately, so ignore the dark circles please!

blouse H&M, boyfriend jeans H&M, shoes Urban Outfitters (very old)

Later that day I decided to add a splash of colour on my nails. There was just one big problem. I couldn't decide which colour! Sometimes I know exactly which nail polish I want to wear but most of the time it's a tough decision. 
I noticed my current choices could be categorised in two shades: pinkish and green-blueish, well let's make an ombre then!
funfact: the cheapest one of all these brand, H&M, appeared to apply best! (forefinger on left hand)
And I'm deeply disappointed by the Essie nail polish, Essie has the reputation to be as good as O.P.I.

12 May 2013

Not too warm, not too cold

At last, another outfit post! Sometimes I begin to wonder if this is even a fashionblog!

These pictures date from a week ago, when it was nice and warm outside. While strolling through my closet I discovered something that hasn't been out for a while, my maxi skirt. Though this skirt gives me an instant beach feeling, it is perfect for this kind of weather. Not too warm, not too cold.
Further a rather basic combo with a salmon coloured top and a basic cardi and flats.

And a pair of girly flowered earrings as finishing touch, that somehow always remain hidden underneath my hair!

7 May 2013

Extreme make up and laptop troubles

Hi there!

Meanwhile I've got some troubles because I forgot the charger of my laptop back home. It's the first time actually, in almost 2 years of studying here in Ghent. Anyhow, my university's pc-room, savior of the day, is just around the corner. And here I am!
The good thing about having no laptop around, that I finally took the time for some real outfit pictures again! The last proper outfit post was in January already, oops! So expect some more fashion related posts soon. :)

About this pics, friend C. persuaded me  to come to a local pimps&ho's party. A couple days before I tried out some extreme make up looks, (though it never looks that extreme on picture), and it worked out quit well if I may say so! Imagine a pair of big hoops earring and bright red lipstick and we're ready to go! Although I couldn't stay very long (I had a concert the next morning), it was surprisingly fun! Again next year?