28 Apr 2013

Opéra à Bruxelles

Bonjour !

Last week I went to the opera for the first time, in De Munt in Brussels! It was a trip arranged by my student union, and I just couldn't refuse the offer. Besides the exciting going-to-the-opera-for-the-first-time-part, there were some more convincing details. The play was Pelléas et Melisande, written by Belgian nobel prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck (who also wrote l'Oiseau bleu). The music was composed by Claude Debussy, and Anish Kapoor designed the scenery. If you are a little into cultural history, you sure will recognize these grandmasters!
It surely was quite an experience, all very impressive. But I'm not sure what to think about the play itself yet. The of De Munt was astonishing, I didn't expect that at all after it's rather disappointing . Of course I didn't take my camera with me, I guess I'm not as confident as the average blogger. 

Back home it was kinda late, and I didn't want to disturb my neighbour with the sound of my camera, so it's just these crappy webcam pics. It's something! Unlike last time, I had the chance to pick an outfit in advance back home. I choose for this gorgeous H&M dress, together with a bright red lacquered belt, green pumps, and a pair of chic golden earrings, from the time my mum was young.
 cuckoo, a sneak peek of the earrings!
 dress: H&M (last winter), green pumps: Sac d'Anvers, earrings: vintage Kookaï

14 Apr 2013

Different angles

So I was trying out my camera again... My room in Ghent became the next victim.
This blog seems to be changing slowly into a photography blog! That wasn't exactly what I had planned. I blame college, it's forcing me. Or in other words I grab my camera every time I should to study. I am a terrible lazy person, a procrastination pro. But hey, it provides nice (photographically) results! Let's not talk about the grades part.

Normally I'm kinda bewitched by things that draw my attention. I am attracted to aesthetic things, mostly small and almost unnoticed. And then I try to capture them on camera. But it rarely gets the right atmosphere.
Here I was trying out different angles and compositions, starting from a camera perspective. Something different then I usually do.

Hmpf, grumpy face!
Maybe I'm unconsciously a big fan of ? ;)

7 Apr 2013

Daily uniform

Hi there! It's still Easter holidays over here. But exams are coming closer, and I talked a little bit too much about studying this holiday in advance, so my parents expect me to study non-stop. Well done, Siel. Luckily they're not very strict so I can escape now and then. And hey, I'm an adult, I've got my rights too!
This has sort of become my uniform lately. A four/five year old H&M winter (school) coat, my sister's huge scarf, a cuddly hat and oh, I'm forgetting the gloves! It looks like a midwinter outfit but it is definitely necessary cause the evenings are still very cold.
Besides studying, behind the window, absorbing the heat like a lizard and with sunglasses; I had the chance to do some rather fun stuff. Last Thursday I visited the Wiertzmuseum and the Watteau exposition in Brussels. Yes, we meet again Brussels. And today I was selling some old stuff at a flea market. Not a very large gain but surely a fun thing to do, and now I know what sells well, win!

coat (old): H&M,  scarf: Veritas, hat: P&C, sunnies: a DIY project with golden nailpolish

This little fella was made for me yesterday, cute isn't it? A little seal for Siel that's actually a . And yes it's all pronounced the same way!

Oh and sorry if I'm writing a bit chaotically! It's funny actually how my writing style constantly varies of my mood. Now I'm definitely in a happy and talkative mood. :D

5 Apr 2013

Silver linings

from post
Another thing that shows up lately, metallic silver shoes! Don't think trashy, but classy please. It started a while ago with silver pumps, but it's the sandal version that has caught my eye. Yes, I am absolutely certain to score a pair of those, after my mission failed last year (see pic above). Those silver shoes are a great way to brighten up an outfit in a rather minimalistic way. It's striking, but not too much.

I'm not sure that this trend will break through beyond high fashion borders, but I don't really mind. I guess it's my inner hipster that likes originality staying original, instead of becoming mainstream.


(sources: click on the pics)