26 Mar 2013

Tropical powers

H&M for Water 2012

Have you noticed those tropical prints emerging everywhere? I think it sort of started with last year's H&M for water collection, (and remember Versace for H&M?) but now it's definitely making a break through. And I don't mind it at all! Last year I was unfortunately too late to grab such awesome H&M for water shirt, but now I'm getting a second chance. Some people will say that you'll look like an American tourist with an Hawaiian shirt, but I think we should give it a chance. Those busy tropical prints look great with white or jeans and perhaps even a straw hat? Or more exiting combinations will do too.

Would you wear it?

Tropical appearings on blogs:

(sources: click on the pics)

24 Mar 2013

The White Queen

"I try to believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Count them, Alice. One, there are drinks that make you shrink. Two, there are foods that make you grow. Three, animals can talk. Four, cats can disappear. Five, there is a place called Underland. Six, I can slay the Jabberwocky!"

Here are some pictures we took long ago. This is the first part from the three that will appear. Siel is dressed up inspired by the white queen of Alice in Wonderland (Anne Hathaway version) and doesn't she look amazing! In my opinion the pictures turned out to be really wonderful, don't you agree?! Do you guys sometimes dress up like a character from a movie or book? We really like doing it and we really should do it more often.

22 Mar 2013

Like a princess

I'm getting more and more into dark lipstick lately. I'm crazy about and . But when I tried it myself I noticed that my darkest lipstick isn't as dark as I thought. No problem, let's try something else! I added a Rituals lip gloss with the applicable name Ruby and it became a beautiful shade of cherry red. Together with my (at the moment) curly hair and flowered tiara I felt like a princess!

Also a little outfit sneak peak. It was a normal day for college and lazy me didn't feel like dressing up in the morning, so it became a simple pink-ish tee with purple-ish pants. Luckily the nail polish Ruby gave me last week brought salvation with a hint of mint.

pants, t-shirt and tiara (old) H&M 
nail polish (Miss Minty) Gosh - lipstick (Perfecto) Dior Addict - lipgloss (Ruby Blossom) Rituals

19 Mar 2013

Brussels - L'Oréal Paris Professionnel

Brussels - L'Oréal Paris Professionnel - Journey 

Hello everybody! Siel and I went to the "L'Oreal Paris Professionnel" event! It's was amazing and here are some pictures from our journey to the event in our capital Brussels. We went there by train, but we were brought back by taxi. What a service, don't you agree! Though it was quite late when we arrived home, but it was definitely worth it! The show was truly amazing and spending time with Siel is of course even better! Now I apparently have a sore esophagus and you know what, it actually hurts quiet a lot, but it has moments I don't feel it at all. Yesterday evening it really bothered me a lot, but this morning I only felt a little sick. Apparently it's because I have too much acids in my stomach, so lets get rid of it! Enjoy the pictures and we hoop you had a nice weekend too.


15 Mar 2013

Like a tea tray in the sky

"Twinkle twinkle little bat, how I wonder what you're at? Up above the world you fly, like a tea tray in the sky."  ~ Alice in Wonderland

Hello sweet readers, how are you all. Weekend is approaching. Siel and I are going to Brussels on Sunday and I can't wait to finally meet her again. I'm sure it will be amazing, like always. In the main time, I hope I can please you guys with these tea pictures. The cute teapot that looks like the one from "Beauty and the Beast" is from Zalando, previously shown in post as well. The amazingly stunning feather earrings are also from Zalando. Like I told you before, they have a lot of amazing products, be sure to check it out, but before that enjoy the pictures!


feather earrings Tomshot and teapot Miss Etoile (c/o Zalando)

14 Mar 2013

Wonder girl

I'm feeling more and more like true Wonder Girl lately!
(Wonder as in Wonderland if you might have wondered)
A few days ago I went to an Oxfam bookshop and came across a cute, old and little Alice in Wonderland book. It didn't mention a date of publication, but on one of the first pages was 26-12-'21 written in pencil, so it's probably an edition from before (terminus ante quem) 1921! The book got a nice place on my bookshelf next to my other treasures, Jane Austen and Jules Verne.
And a couple days earlier I've got the DVD of Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland as another birthday present, awesome!

The phrase "Off with his head!" always reminds me of Ruby, who couldn't stop shouting it around when the movie just released. Oh and just one little thing, Ruby isn't my sister, she's my best friend! :)
My favourite part of the story, painting the roses red.
'In this style 10/6' - hat
hat necklace Disney Couture, rabbit ring H&M, heart studs SIX

I love that Alice hasn't got her typical (Disney) blue-dress-with-white-apron-outfit yet. That image will be stuck in our heads for ever I guess, but it wasn't what Lewis Caroll made up.
Did you know by the way, that the Disney movie of Alice in Wonderland (1951) is actually a compilation of Lewis Caroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and 'Through the looking glass, and what Alice found there'? I didn't until yesterday!

11 Mar 2013


Good evening this is Siel from Two Wonder Girls with today's weather report.
Yes, I want to dedicate a blogpost about the weather. I guess I am that superficial. But you have to admit that the weather lately is a bit strange over here. Last week I was ready to take out my sunnies al ready. I grabbed the first pair that I could find and threw it in my bag. Unfortunately I was just too late to enjoy the wonderful spring weather. On day one I was practising with a driver instructor. (tip: If you're in Ghent next Thursday, keep away from the roads!) And I spent day two entirely in an auditory. You'll understand that I was a little disappointed with the grey and drizzling weather afterwards. My sunglasses are stored again, but this won't let me down. I still see some positive aspects! Let's see:

  • Well hello fur coat! I was about to put you away, but it seems that your last days aren't over this year. Aww yeah!
  • One last chance to go playing in the snow. Snowmen, snowballs, ... here I come ! 
  • I'm not tired of my winter closet yet. Some specific items can be worn only in this period of the year,  so I have to hurry! But I'll try avoiding .
  • The closet in my dorm room (or clothes rack actually) is still filled with winter clothing. That's handy, very handy!
  • I was planning to wear heels whole week, to test which pair is most comfortable on a special occasion on Friday eve! Brr I guess it will be boots again.
  • Yeah I was really looking forward to the heels thing. I don't often wear heels, especially in winter, but I loved wearing them again last week. Heels can provide a sudden boost of femininity and confidence.
  • Some sunshine and more pleasant temperatures would be better for my annoying cold. I'm tired of coughing and snot. Snot, isn't that a great word? It was so awesome to find out it's the same word in English!
Final conclusion:
An extra week of winter, snow, soup, candles, blankets, ... That doesn't sound so bad! (Forgetting about the fact that it's a bit strange after a week of warm spring weather.) But bring on the sun again afterwards! I want to wear sunnies and floral patterns and summer coats again!

8 Mar 2013

Chocolate chip cookie dough topped with banana cream

Today I went to with my university buddies. Julie's House is a self called cupcake store in Ghent, that serves the best pies in my opinion! Every time I come there I think about dragging Ruby to see this place, she would totally love it! Though there might be a risk of losing her for ever, she might get overly attached to this tea time loving place.

lace midi skirt from River Island, my mum's earrings from when she was young

It was hard to choose between the Apple brown sugar cake and Chocolate banana pie, but as you can see, I opted for the last one. And though it weirdly looks as yellow as curie, it tasted deliciously like banana! With a hint of chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmmmm
For a drink I choose the Sweet Love tea by Kusmi, also highly recommended. Certainly if you fell miserable whole week like me, after suffering of a bad cold!

Oh and I went to the hair dresser the day before! Nothing special, just cutting the dead ends and layering a little bit. The main reason why it looks so different is because it's almost a middle parting and it's very straight. But it won't last. As soon as I wash it, it will be normal again, like three post below. I kinda liked this, but I don't mind having my own more curly/nonchalant hair style again!

Tomorrow will be a busy day, filled with music school activities and hopefully some redying my hair!
See you seen!


6 Mar 2013

A hidden gem

JBC is a store that is seriously underestimated by the young folks here in Belgium. They don't seem to notice it, they aren't interested, they have forgotten about it. I can count all my friends who visit their store now and then on one hand. But I understand why, despite JBC's attempts for a fresh new image most young people see it as a boring family store. A place to go shopping when you were a kid or for your parents. FALSE. They have proven to be young and dynamic. Remember their multiple collaborations with De Designers (Belgium's Project Runway), or Christophe Coppens? And last fall's collaboration with Alice Temperley and Kaat Tilley? That's not bad at all, on the contrary!

I'm going to prove to you that JBC is a cool and trendy store. Even so much that my mother starts to complain that it's "just for the young folks". These lookbook pictures from the current collection remind me that I urgently have to visit one of their stores!

for JBC

Spring/summer 2013

Nevertheless, I see JBC as a hidden gem. The lack of visits from my generation causes that the best pieces (in my humble opinion) and sizes remain in store. So shhh, don't tell too many people!