26 Feb 2013

Girls and hair

Making a small Gaga hair bow
 And untying it
Crazy volume by flipping my hair to the other side
Back to normal, with my braid-like thing

While strolling through my laptop I stumbled on a couple pictures from last month.
Procrastination is one of my hobbies during exam period and this is a perfect example. Looking at the details of these pictures I can see that they're from the 28th of January, the day before an exam I narrowly passed, 2h30 am. So rather the night before an exam. Yes, I am that horrible at studying. But hey, breaks are allowed too now and then!

22 Feb 2013

Present section

The Swing by Fragonard and another favourite of mine, Ophelia by Waterhouse.

A couple weeks ago I visited Ruby again. It was time to exchange some very late Christmas presents and an enormously late birthday present for her. Yeah, sorry again Ru!
We had -like always- a great time together. And oh I wish I could see her more! But I see her tomorrow, that's something! Tomorrow on my birthday we're gonna dance and dance and dance until the morning light!
Now back to the present section. I wanted to show you some of the adorable things Ruby gave me! Some deliciously smelling candles, a perfect gift for a candle-person like me. A watercolor version of one of my favourite paintings, The Swing. And a beautiful floral dishware set. Thanks again, Ru!

18 Feb 2013

An unexpected journey

My sister asked me very last minute to go on a ski trip. She begged me for years if I wanted to go skiing with her. Last weekend she desperately begged on her knees, while crying: "Siel, please come with me, I'll do anything for you!"
Lol, no that's not what happened. She offered to drive abroad for a one-day-ski-trip. I think it's pretty amazing she wanted to drive a four hour ride, and after all those years I finally said yes! A couple days later we went off to Germany, to Winterberg if you might wonder. The alarm clocks were set on 5 am and on 5h30 am we were ready to go (5 minutes later to be precise, because of me of course). A double disc CD of Michael Jackson accompanied by childhood travelling memories guided our way.

Germany (or at least this part) has a beautiful rolling landscape with hills. But compared to what I'm used to, they rather look like the Himalayas! During the ride I went experimenting with my camera for a while. It was pretty fun to do, aside from the weird stares from some villagers now and then.

This picture was taken at 16:47. The time of arriving back home according to Mr. Garmin was 20:18, which became at least an hour later.
 I've been stalking the red car in front for a while, I hope he didn't mind.

And as the end of the story I can tell you that I fell just once! The other time at the ski lift obviously doesn't count.
I had everything perfectly under control, but the snowboarder next to me didn't, and he started a chain reaction, which I narrowly escaped, until my other neighbour joined the club of falling people, which was so cool that I had to join too. And that's how I fell. But that one didn't count!

14 Feb 2013


First of all, Happy Valentine !

Though it doesn't feel like valentine over here, it's grey and rainy and rather the opposite of cosy. The fact that I have an appointment to talk about my depressive grades in a minute, wont help either.
I have quite a lot on my mind lately, aside from my grades, good things luckily. Memories, things yet to be happen and taken care of. It seems like an endless list.
Last week I had vacation, and man, it was a good one! Seeing all my friends again, seeing Ruby again! And talking, and talking, and talking. I'm actually surprised I still got my voice. The side effect is that I don't remember very well what I said to whom. So hereby I apologize al ready if I say things twice. It's like I've got a double dose after a month of minimum real-life social contact. But here we are, a new semester - it almost feels like a whole new year - and I'm ready to go!

My mum has been busy lately crocheting. I think they are truly amazing and I couldn't pass this opportunity to show you her creations. Just look at those details, they seem so difficult! And still she finishes one or more on one evening. My favourite one is the white flower (at the top and bottom), that one looks more realistic because of it's stem (steeltje).

3 Feb 2013

Red'n white

Packing my stuff for our next shoot. This is the big reason why I love photoshoots, the styling! Can you guess the theme? It's not that hard. And if you still haven't got a clue, take a look at our header.


Another hint:
The is still one of the best gifts I've ever had! Thanks again Ruby (from Disney Couture)