29 Jan 2013

Similar but different

To me personally, fashion is about combining your clothes in an original way. I don't like constantly buying new stuff, I will never be a shopaholic, and I have no problem with saving money.  I'm the type that likes to invest in quality, quality above quantity. Aside from bargains of course.
Do you know that feeling that you have nothing to wear? Everyone has had that feeling at least once. I don't have it that often, but I absolutely hate the opposite! When you can't decide what to wear because there is too much choice, you can't choose! Then I imagine those huge celebrity walk in closets, some of their items are only worn once, or maybe never.. That's such a pity, combining items that challenge you is the best part of fashion!

skirt en blouse vintage (Think Twice), cardigan WE, boots Mano

Sometimes combing can work out quite similar, and sometimes completely different.

25 Jan 2013

It's almost over

January means finals, finals means studying, studying means study study study study. That is sort of my month summarized. I'm glad it's almost over, but I'm also a bit afraid of the result, since this is my last chance here, and I haven't got a particular good feeling. Anyway, just a few more days and then it'll be vacation! Now that's a thing I like!
I was wearing a true winter outfit. Totally snow proof. Also imagine a pair of white snow boots with a fur collar underneath. This period is mostly filled with pyjama-days, but I dress up for exams!
Also my camera's lens has some trouble focusing lately. I might have to take it to the shop for a check-up, but I'm glad that not all off the pictures are blurry.

Sweater JBC, blouse Zara, skirt (very old) Pepe Jeans, leggings H&M

My philosophers timeline + motivational quotes

23 Jan 2013

New year's resolutions

I've never lost or broke sunglasses, I still got all of them since I was young. On the other hand, I've forgotten stuff on vacation, including shoes. And I can assure you, that's not fun.
This year I decided to make some new year's resolutions for once. I've lost too many favourite things last year. I'm even a bit mad on myself! It was so bad that I even forgot a shopping bag, with new boughts, on a windowsill. And that wasn't the first time, it was the third time already! Luckily not all in one year. I'm not a very messy person, I can definitely do better. So my new year's resolution will be to watch my stuff and stop loosing my favourites!

Here is a summary of my stupidity in 2012.
  1. bow hair clip 1, forgotten in class.
    Often daily worn to make a ponytail.
  2. Yup, Ruby has the same!
  3. bow hair clip 2, replacement of number 1, also forgotten in class.
    It was actually my mum's, from when she was young! (daaamn)
  4. I've been looking for a black bow hair clip for months, and guess what,
    not even one store has it in their collection! Common, such a simple basic thing!!
  5. my raincoat, probably forgotten on camp.
    Not very fashionable but certainly handy and a bit pricey

  6. my boughts, still in their shopping bag,
    still on that windowsill, while we were taking pictures.
  7. my hat, forgotten in class last month.
    Good occasion for finding a new one, but I'm quite picky and that one was just perfect!
  8. It was my favourite partner in crime for outfit pictures, I'll miss you luv...
  9. my gloves.
    And they are found again, yay! In the pockets of a coat.
and of course the least worse things get found!

Fingers crossed that I won't loose any other loved stuff this year!
Or even better, that a mysterious stranger brings me back my favourites...

19 Jan 2013


-Do you know that feeling when a blogger you've "known" for years and really looked up to, comments on your blog? It's always awesome!-

While strolling through some Golden Globe pictures I stumbled on a worst dressed list. Their opinion was quite comparable with mine for once, but they where absolutely wrong at one point. Placing Kerry Washington on this list was an absolutely no go! I admit I hadn't heard about her either, but man, she can dress! (or her stylist)

Hello perfection !

Perfectly matching fuchsia lipstick and golden earrings with the print of her dress.

I guessed it was a Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 dress, but apparently it wasn't.
Anyhow, she combined it marvellous! I always have trouble combing that length of dress but she did it perfectly.

This is literally perfection to me. The romance, the softness, yet classy chic look stole my heart and won't give it back! I am madly in love with this look. It also reminds me of a swan, pure elegance.
The dress appears to be from the brand Giles, which I now officially declare as my new favourite brand.

17 Jan 2013


Guilty. I bought new shoes, again. Normally I'm not much of a shopaholic, on the contrary I'm keeping an eye on my shopaholic-friends! But I can justify my recent boughts. I liked my daily-worn boots from last year so much that I decided to re-buy them. I waited for January, and hoped to buy them in sale, which they weren't, sadly. But then something drew my attention from the corner of my eye. The same heels I liked a couple of months ago, on sale! I don't wear that often heels was my excuse last time, but now 70% cheaper they couldn't be ignored any longer.

heels Mano
The necklace I got from my sister for Christmas. It's actually really handy!
And it's from my niece's jewellery line .

But maybe those shoes weren't a very smart decision, if I look at my shoes here in Ghent. I'm getting some sort of a déjà vu...

15 Jan 2013

It flew away

Yesterday's outfit. Unfortunately the pictures came out rather badly, but here is a glimpse.

glass necklace from my grandmother, top H&M, skirt vintage (Think Twice), leggings New Look.

And I got a beautiful butterfly in my mailbox last week. Not from a romantic secret lover sadly, but from my mum! I gave her an animal-crochet-book for Christmas and later she texted met she'd made a butterfly. I told her "Watch out or it will fly away", and she responded "Too late, it escaped." A couple days later I found this little guy in my mailbox. A greet way to wish someone good luck with her finals!

12 Jan 2013

What you see is what you get?

I was strolling through Mulberry's webshop when I noticed their Maisie line. Aren't they beyond awesome ? It's a line with basic bags in their typical brown and black leather (and some of them also in orange, blue and white), all with a trompe l'oeil of typical Mulberry bag-characteristics in front.

- Black polished calf
2. - Oak polished calf
3. - Oak polished calf
4. - Black polished calf
5. - Flame silky snake print (sale!)
6. - Oak silky snake print

Though they remind me of Vlieger & Vandam's iconic handbags. A Dutch brand that made it into the land of celebrities with stars like Rihanna as their loyal fans.
Guardian Angel
And I really liked these ones too! Their prices are also a little bit more affordable. Wouldn't they be perfect gifts? Such a pity holiday season is over !

3. (sale!)

8 Jan 2013

While the time away

A different perspective on playing with yourself
I quite enjoyed it actually

6 Jan 2013

Choo choo shoes

My new fancy cowboy boots.
I hope they will be a good replacement for my beloved !
And a pair of basic pumps.