31 Dec 2012

Brussels' Christmas lights

The day after Christmas I went to Brussels's Christmas market with friend Lynn. It's definitely the best Christmas market I've ever been to. (I haven't been to many of those actually) We took the train, and about an hour later, we arrived in our capital. We followed the crowd and entered this lovely market. It surprised me that it was some sort of a light show too, a bit like . But unlike the others days lately, the weather was quit ok. It only started raining when we were almost going home. So summarized, it was a good day (evening)!

The widely discussed Christmas tree of Brussels. Already a spectacle on itself.
The most awesome carrousel I've ever seen !
This was so weird! It's a Christmas tree, producing fake snow on top. That snow is captured at the bottom in some sort of an umbrella (upside down), and I guess it's then recycled to the top again.

Happy New Year !

27 Dec 2012

Christmas mood

Still in the mood for Christmas holidays? Despite my finals, I am!
Yesterday I went to the Christmas Market of our capital Brussels, and it there was a truly amazing atmosphere. It's definitely the best xmas market I've ever been to.

But here are my pics from the beginning of this week. Starting with Christmas Eve, which I celebrated with my father's side of the family!

I painted a snowman for my uncle ! :D
One of my presents, perfect for my home in Ghent!

Christmas day itself was a lazy day. We celebrated it at home, together with my aunt.

This last pic is one of the candle lights my mum and sister made. It's a very easy DIY!
Just take some paper lace doilies and spray some fake snow on it. Be careful though, don't wipe it out.

Now there's just one more thing left to say,

Happy Holidays to you !

19 Dec 2012

The Land of Papers

Hi peepz!
I'm aware of the fact that it's quit silent around here lately. That's because I moved over to the Land of Papers for a while. Luckily this hell is almost over, tomorrow is my last day here! But then it's time to pack my stuff and fly to the Land of Studying. Can you imagine that I'm looking forward to that?! Maybe that makes clear how horrible this Land of Papers is.

Here are some impressions of last December:
Welcome back mister leo coat. Since summer I was so looking forward to wearing this sweety again. It's the most cuddliest thing ever ! And perfect for strolling on the fair on a cold winter evening, when some of our ex-classmates from high school visited us here in Ghent. Minus three persons, our class was almost complete again! It felt like a little reunion. Such a pity that Ruby wasn't there also!

ZARA coat (2011)

But what I will most remember of this month is:







Even more stress.
All those things have one advantage, just one. I'm becoming a pro in making things cozy! Every day the candles are burning (Gift tip for me! ;), blankets here and there and tea. Yes, I'm becoming a tea-drinker. Ruby will be surprised! But I'm still working on my tea skills, as you can see in the picture underneath.

I had a hard time choosing nail polish last week. They must be perfect for a concert I had the day after. On facebook some of you suggested the black one, but in the end I choose another one. The red/pink one became the chosen one. Because I was cold. And because it was a nice warm colour.
The concert went fine, and the other one yesterday also. One more to go now, Saturday!

Collistar, GOSH, Catrice, OPI

Last Friday it was raining cats & dogs. And since my umbrella broke down earlier, and my hat got lost, I had no defence for the rain. So I decided to wear my only hooded coat: mister leopard.
As you can see in the picture, not a very smart idea. I kinda looked like a drowned cat.
But, my hair was still completely dry. Win!

Now I'm up for some Christmas shopping. Toodles !

12 Dec 2012

The little things

Here are some random things from last October, never published, but worth talking about.
First of all, may I introduce you to a magnificent view from my window:
I can assure you, they are lying there for a couple months al ready.

Enjoy the little things, is a well-known phrase. It can be that magical moment when you and a stranger both have to laugh about some thing that just happened. Or when you come home after a long week, and your mum has cooked your favourite meal. Or maybe you're just admiring the sunlight, and how it enlightens things you normally overlook.

I just love how my make up was done here.
I'm only wearing some foundation and blush, and it felt like I had a thick layer of make up on my face, but it looked so beautiful. So healthy. I would definitely wear this everyday if I had the skills, products and time. Thumbs up for the Aveda team (aka Dosha) in Ghent.

see through top Forever 21, glass necklace vintage

2 Dec 2012

Oh Christmas

Oh Christmas.
It's coming closer and closer and normally I'm "filled with joy" because of that. But now I'm not in the Christmas mood at all. I'm even getting stressed when I think about it! Reason? Exams in January and papers that have to be finished in a few weeks. So. Much. Work. Just three more weeks, then it's holiday and then exams al ready! Just three weeks!! See, I'm getting stressed again.
But I'm not going to ruin your Christmas mood. It is one of the best moments of the year. It's present season! And no, I'm not that selfish. :) Getting presents is nice, but the best part is thinking about which presents to give! Prepare your creative powers, cause it's almost time to use them, yay!
Here are some of my favourite things:

1. mug
2. Lien Hereijgers via scarf Renoir
3. coat
4. Sesame street!
5. Xmas jumper
6. Elaine cat slippers
7. socks
8. hungover cookbook
9. One line a day
10. bath mat

1. blush
2. Miracle purse
3. Isabelle Marant inspired ankle boots
4. Komono via Fat Wizard watch in raisin
5. Zara trf
6. lace ankle socks
7. brooch
8. bandeau
9. key ring
10. sparky tights (budget version of Bebaroque !)
11. wing ear buds
12. Mixed crystal jumper
13. Laura scarf
14. Anniel via shoes
15. key ring
16. Serial Shoppeuse
17. wine brocade glitter tights
18. Ever Eden via earrings
19. boots
20. Hartog & Henneman via silverstone earrings
21. umbrella
22. ring
23. Topshop