30 Oct 2012

Mysterious creatures

Just spotted on Belmodo and I can't get it out of my mind!
Join the magical world of Lolita Lempicka and let their wonderland overwhelm you. Follow the mysterious nymph on her path through the woods. Enjoy.

The girl reminded me a lot of Aisling from . The Secret of Kells is a Belgian graphic novel about the Celtic era. A few years ago they made a film out of it, which resulted in a perfect copy of the comic book. It's exactly the same actually, only the images are moving now and music and voices are added. Aisling is also a mysterious creature, that seems to be unstoppable, constantly moving and laughing. Watch and see..

10 Oct 2012


I'm in the mood for a moodboard today!
But more about colour and texture instead of mood. So moodboard isn't a good description actually. Anyway, I loved the combo of my grey marl sweatpants with my anthracite top. Casual with chic, with a dot of colour from the nail polish (H&M, No Mambo Jambo). A cold, but neutral colour palette.
More of it:

(click on the picture for the source)

4 Oct 2012

Life has started again

First of all, thank you very much for your concerns! :)
My sore throat was probably the result of some sort of a cold I had for the past two weeks. With a peak on that evening (and the morning after), but later that day it completely disappeared and I was a normal healthy person again! 

Now the second week of university is at its end I can tell with certainty that my social life is a lot better then previous year! But I'm not sure yet that's a good thing, I need some peace and quiet now and then. So in my spare time I watched season 3 of Glee, love that show haha ! But that isn't good either unfortunately. I need to focus on my lessons again, I've got some grades to pick up!

Here is an outfit from this week:

You know that kind of dress, hanging in your closet, barely touched cause you always think meh, and then you try it on again and think waw ? I had it with this one !
Oh, no! My favourite shoes are getting worn out! I just got them about a year now :(
dress AllSaints, jeans MANGO, shoes River Island, necklace Claire's, hat Seeberger (P&C)

PS Here and in the previous post you get a little sneak peek of my new place! Cause I know some of my friends who haven't been here yet will read this. :) It's way, waaaay more cosier!