27 Sep 2012

Sweet dreams

Yesterday, it was Student Kick-off here in Ghent. That's a big party for the students in the city to open the new year. I was in the mood for something sweet so I grabbed this old H&M dress and combined it with some knee socks. Quit simular actually. I also had to go to class first and I didn't want to look slutty with that mini dress and knee socks. That was a main reason to sweeten things up too!
The first thing when I came home was grabbing some honey! I had a horable sore throat, I hope I'm not getting ill. And unfortunately the honey didn't helped that much, I'll be visiting a pharmacy today!

dress H&M, jacket (new!) Promod, friends necklace Claire's, flower necklace Urban Outfitters, but the original flower fell off and my niece from fixed it with a new one :)

19 Sep 2012

Late summer traveling

Hi there!
Last week I went to Rome for a short holiday with my parents. After a year filled with archeology and art history this is like a dream coming true, even though . I took a gazillion pictures, which I'd love to show to you! Of course I don't want to overwhelm you so I forced forced myself to make a selection. Are you ready? Here they come !

I saw my name on the ground! How awesome is that?! And check those huge lashes, spotted at the airport in Eindhoven! I wonder which mascara she used. ;)  The green parrot-like bird can be found in almost every park in Rome. But they are perfectly camouflaged, so prepare to search a while!
Oh yes, of course we visited al the main touristic attractions, since they are pretty interesting. :)
Seeing the Angel's castle reminded me immediately at Angels & Demons (aka The Bernini Mystery's film version). (right top)
A very creepy me below at the corner, but some beautiful light in the overly decorated basilica.
On top of the dome...

Way too crowded at the Trevi fountain. But I guess it actually works. Since I threw a coin last time, and here we are, two years later I'm in Rome again!
Finally satisfied when I found some shadow and a place to sit. It was 30° in the middle of the day, waaaay to hot for my stay-inside-whole-August-body! And the stupid thing is that I'm not even a little bit tanned after dying of heath for 5 days!
Yup, birdspotting was one of my favourite temporary hobbies. Man I love my tele lens!
And meet my friend the pineapple! Probably the closest I ever get to a boyfriend ;)

Of course I did some shopping too. I bought a perfect "thing" to add to Ruby's birthday present, which unfortunately didn't survived very well in my suitcase. :( I also bought Urban Decay's NAKED palette! That was standing on my wishlist for a very long time, but we haven't got a Sephora in Belgium. And it turned out that Rome's Fashion Night Out was held that week! I couldn't miss that of course. After some high fashion outfits, a fashion show, way too loud music and several flyers, I succeeded to buy a black jacket/cardigan at Promod. Finally! My previous one was totally worn-out.
At certain moment a woman gave my very enthusiastic a flyer when she saw me. She asked something too but after making clear I just speak English she looked disappointed. But something in her first reaction made me very curious about the content of that flyer. Later google translate helped me and it appeared to be some course to become a stylist, or a designer. Now I'm wondering if that's a compliment or insult about my style, certainly since I was dressed in my easy going tourist outfit! :p
Now I'm (desperately) enjoying the last part of my vacation. My class begins next Monday al ready! On the other hand I can't wait to move to my new place. But first a foam party Friday, I'm really curious :D

15 Sep 2012

September's yield

The moment my resits were done had to be celebrated of course. And how do you celebrate some frustrated weeks of constantly studying? Shopping of course ! So the next Saturday after my music lessons I immediately went to the Wijnegem Shopping Center with my broken phone as a perfect excuse. It resulted in some beautiful boughts, that are mainly basic. Mission accomplished!
Further I have to apologise for the colours, they are different in reality, but they come close to the original colours!

Not very basic, but a black blouse always comes in handy, even if it's see through. And I immediately fell in love with the leather collar! (New Look)
A basic warm cardigan that fits on everything, perfect for winter! ()
And of course after buying a cardigan, I spotted another one!
I rarely pass the children's section in my local H&M, since it's on a floor without woman's clothing lately. But this time I entered the store via this floor and on my way to the escalator I noticed this cute cardigan, looking rather big, and oh so cheap! (Just 15 Euros, wow!) You'll understand I made a little happy dance in the fitting room. Or maybe I did that mentally. (H&M kids)
Perfect pants for winter! (H&M)
And I totally fell in love with these earrings, I've been wearing them non-stop lately! They sparkle so beautiful in the sunshine :) (H&M)

So that's it! Meanwhile my September shoplog has grown more and more, certainly after my holiday this week! But more about that later...

7 Sep 2012

Bright but basic

Rather boring outfit might you think. I do too if I see those pics now haha! But it was really hard actually. I wanted to wear the blouse and the shorts once more. Both items are hanging in my closet since ages and have barely seen the sunlight. Surprisingly they looked ok together! I added one more item -aka the jacket- and the outfit was done! Plus some bright but basic (strange that that's possible isn't it!) looking lipstick and some sort of a good hair day, and we're ready to go !

jacket Steps, blouse (really old!) C&A, shorts Vero Moda

To do, or not to do

In the beginning of the sales I bought this necklace from H&M with the intention to use it for a DIY project. I had some things in mind that would go perfectly with this necklace! But when I came home my mother told me to leave it like it is. It is indeed a pretty necklace. What shall I do? Paint it or not?

And then another problem:
My beloved high heels are getting worn-out. (Previously showed and )There are more and more little marks in front that are hard to hide. But I don't want to get rid of my favourite shoes! And besides that I've got them just one year now, and I haven't worn them that much.
A DIY-project is requisted here! I was thinking about some glitters? But the main problem is that the damages is in front and not just on the heel. What could I do about it?
Here are some inspirations:
Love, love, looooove these ones!
I don't remember the sources of the last pics. If you know, tell me please!

3 Sep 2012


It made me a little bit sad to realize that was absolutely right. He said he missed the pictures of Ruby and I together. I do too, but we haven't seen each other often the past year. We both went to different colleges, far far away from each other. I really miss those times actually, we could talk for hours together and get completely whimsical about some creative idea. Planning new photoshoots was one of my favourite things to do with her, I hope we can still do that in the future and that we're not growing apart! Ruby, if you read this, you where my best friend during high school, and though I don't see or speak you that often lately, you're still my best friend now!
And I still owe you a birthday present, I didn't forget ;)

2 Sep 2012


I am still on my lonely island like I said in a few post before. Which means I'm isolated, far away from friends and family since the beginning of August. Of course it is for a higher purpose: studying for resits! Meanwhile there where plenty of distractions, with a temporary absence of my internet connection (bye social contact!) as the most irritating one. Here is a little photo diary of random things in this lonely month.

late night snack
This would be a pretty cool tatoo, dontcha think?
And then things when out of control, lol! (nailpolish: American Apparel Neon red)
experimenting with my camera
I'll spare you the overload of pictures ;)