30 Aug 2012

Sneaker galore

Just a few more weeks until college starts again. I can't wait to wear my favourite boots again! But in the meantime I'm thinking about investing in some nice pair of shoes, perfect for daily-wear whilst waiting for winter. It must be something basic, easy-to-go. I'm thinking about sneakers actually - me, sneakers ?? - yup, me sneakers! Here are some of my favourites:

All Stars! Basic, and no chance to screw up your fashionable outfit:

I thought about some really basic ones like the pink and burgundy ones, but they're a bit to boring for me. I have a huge crush on the last ones actually! They're a bit more edgy, more rock'n roll baby! Though it's hard to decide between high-top and low-top.

Next, Vans (and more)!
I used to hate them, and find them horribly ugly. But hey, taste is convertible :)
The first ones are very ermahgerd awesome ! But since Topshop isn't nearby, and I'm not a big fan of ordering shoes online, these ones fall off. Number two, the once-so-hated-Vans. But this one is pretty desirable. And isn't glitter the perfect accessory to brighten up your daily-basic-shoe? Number three and four, the beloved Miu Miu's. Oh, if only...  And the last ones, yaiks I totally forgot which brand they where! :O Something fancy for sure, maybe also Miu Miu? Anyway they are gorrrrgeous! But they aren't really sneakers :)

And some outfit-inspiration:
Topshop tumblr - Lookbook
random streetstyle
Monki -Pangcakes - Sincerly Jules

Still, you won't see me in a pair of huge statement sneakers like Nike Air's or Isabel Marant's wedge ones! But some simple pair of comfy daily lace-ups looks like a good investment to me :)
The American stars and stripes-All Stars and the glittered Vans are most likely to end up in my shoe closet! What are your favourites?

19 Aug 2012

On my lonely island

Another quick outfitpost. It definitely helps to have my camera around here for once !
Meanwhile I'm here on my lonely island aka student room in Gent, spending my days trying to avoid the internet and studying. Gee why am I always studying? :( Anyway, wish me luck, my exams are starting Monday! And Ruby, good luck for you since you've already begun !

skirt Urban Outfitters, tee Yessica Pure by C&A, belt vintage, ring New Look, bracelet birthday present

15 Aug 2012

Double dress

At last, another outfitpost. Sandra of 5 inch and up inspired me to use this vintage dress as some sort of cardigan. She makes the most weird but oh so stylish combinations whole the time, really great to expand your horizon.
It felt so weird to walk around with my dress open, I felt almost like I was naked in the beginning! Luckily that feeling past over quickly. Now I regret that the contrast isn't bigger, like a mini dress combined with a midi/maxi dress. Anyway I am happy with the result. The only disturbing thing is my sunburned feet with flip-flop marks!

flowered strapless dress JBC, other dress vintage, bag vintage, flatforms Sasha, hat H&M, glasses

12 Aug 2012


I was just experimenting with some pictures lately, and the result turn out quit good! But that's my humble opinion of course :)

10 Aug 2012


Besides the fact that the model is incredibly beautiful and the gorgeous outfits, is it mainly the atmosphere that attracts my attention. I love the atmosphere of this new ZARA campaign. She looks so abandoned and lost. It reminds me of old movie stills.
Like Cindy Shermans's filmstills:

Or this iconic picture of Case study house 22:

Or this shot from the play La voix humaine by the Dutch Halina Reijn.

9 Aug 2012


When the sky is grey

and my closet seems way to dark

just add some bright yellow

drink a capri - SUN

and think about those great festival memories !

6 Aug 2012


I'm just back from a festival - pics will follow soon - meanwhile I'll show you some random details +mini shoplog!

golden hairpin H&M (old)

My new Juicy Couture sunnies from
check those little hearts at the ends, cuuuute !

and what a dreamy cleaning cloth :)

DIDI skirt (from last year) + H&M necklace worn backwards

H&M dress, necklace