27 Jun 2012

Outfit quest

Big concert coming up Thursday! (tomorrow already!!) The expectations will be high, my heart will be beating like crazy, s it will all depend on the outfit to keep my confidence level high and the stress level low. And knowing that Ruby will be in the audience for moral support will help too. Yep that's right, my dearest best friend Ruby and I will meet again tomorrow after such a long time. I'm looking forward to it !

In the middle of a wardrobe crisis I decided that it was time for something new. I was thinking about a LBD (my first one!), a Little Black Dress that I can combine in a zillion ways. Once a statement necklace, once a belt, perhaps a scarf in a casual outfit. You understand what I mean.

My quest yielded some unexpected results though:

1. jumpsuit, preferably black, seems to be sold out everywhere unfortunately :(
2. knitted dress, still an option!
3. dress
4. dress
5. dress, basic lbd just like I was looking for but still have my doubts
6. dress, love love love the orange version, but I don't think it will match my hair colour
7. dress

I styled the ones from H&M (don't we all looove H&M's online fitting room!). And that was exactly the style I had in mind, inclusive the neon necklace. But now I fear I won't be able to wear it. I have to find it first, and then it has to survive my critical look. You'll see, probably I will be wearing something completely different! :)

20 Jun 2012

Just one more

Exams are almost over, and I have concentration problems due all those summer vibes around! Ruby got her last exam yesterday, the lucky girl! But I have to be strong for one more week. My mind is filled with thousands of thoughts and there is no room for any sociology, which is one of my least favourite courses also. I mean come one, I study art for god's sake! Why should I learn about social science? Anyway, I'm happy that I don't have maths or so.

Like usual I forgot to take close ups. Now it looks quit boring, but I was wearing , green nailpolish and my beloved d&g watch.

New Look jumpsuit (old) - vintage blouse (via Oxfam Solidariteit Gent)

14 Jun 2012

Meet my BFF

My laptop is my best friend. (Sorry Ruby!) He is my most loyal buddie and knows all about me. We share several occasions and memories and sometimes he is my memory. He has several nicknames too (not only given by me!) like little apple - appeltje, lappy, little book - boekje. Oh yes, he's my favourite. And thanks to my lappy, I can show you some of the moments from last month.

Here I was having a break from studying. Like always during the studying period my hair annoyed me so I made a quick African style hairdo. Though I think it are the earrings that make it African-style. I started playing around with some make up. Starting with a green eyeshadow palette (Catrice Revoltaire LE) and adding some eye liner. The blush and highliter followed quickly.
Then I tried something I never ever do: eye liner and mascara under the eye. Very unflattering for me.
And still I couldn't stop. The eye liner blinked at me and I added some more liner and a white pencil on my waterline to create really big eyes. That didn't turned out as heavy as I thought so it needed a little bit help at last :)

Life is unfair, definitely.
Every time my hair starts getting greasy and I am planning to wash it immediately the next morning, it is: hello perfecthairday! Veeeerry annoying!
I think I was about five minutes awake here. I mean, come on! Why doesn't this happens on a school day or so? Instead of a random studyday morning, and I'm about to wash!
Here I was enjoying sunshine for the first time in my room, a very special moment. I always assumed my window was in the North cause I never ever saw the sun shining through the glass. Turned out that I was wrong. In summer, around 10 PM, I have 1 metre of sunshine, on my wall, yay !

11 Jun 2012

I see... part 2!

A while ago I made about seeing familiar faces. I really enjoyed making it, and you love it too apparently! With my art history exam coming closer, I had lots of time to take a good look on the paintings, and yes I recognised some faces again!

1. First of al this painting of Paul Revere by John Copley, made in 1776:
It reminded me of Jack Black,
and after some googling I noticed I'm certainly not the only one who has noticed!

2. The next painting is a selfportrait by Angelika Kauffman, 1780-1785:

This made me think of Marieke Dilles in her role of Helena De Keyser,
from the amazing series 'De smaak van de Keyser'.

3. Then a portrait of Judith, by Gustav Klimt, 1901 :

She looks so much like Louise Ebel (! It's incredible
These were all the look-a-likes I could find. But there where some more paintings that reminded me of other things.

4. Then the famous Nighthawks 1942, by Edward Hopper:

The empty atmosphere reminded me of a scene in the movie 'Spirited Away'. It's the scene where Chihiro and here parents come in a ghost town, there's no one around. But they were starving so her parents immediately started eating the food that was served. Chihiro feels very uncomfortable with it and went exploring the city. When she comes back, she sees her parents had changed into voracious pigs.

5. This is Horse of Neptune, by Walter Crane, 1892:

I think most Lord of the Rings-fans will link this with the movie :)

6. charcoal drawings by Odilon Redon, 1881:

Was Redon an inspiration for the creative team from Mirrormask? It could be...
Mirrormask is one of my favourite movies, you definitely have to check it out if you haven't seen it!
So, that's it! I hope you enjoyed, at least I did :)
your dearest,

9 Jun 2012

This week was all about

... loving my new studded blouse from zara.
I've been wearing it way too much, but it looks good on everything.

... buying this cute little olive oil bottle, from .
Perfect for my place in Ghent.

...worrying about today's flute examination.

... studying art history.
You'll notice in some of the following posts.

... mentally prepare for the amount of the following examen:
the whole history of architecture.
(read: beginning from the Greeks and ending with Mies van der Rohe
in our own time, those people are insane !!)

Just two more exams to go, and then:

5 Jun 2012

In Antwerp

A while ago my sister had to be a model for a student who studied photography. I came along and styled here ;) Of course I took some pictures as well! Here are some picture I took in Antwerp!

4 Jun 2012

Sunglasses overload

Hi there!
Need a new pair of sunnies? Keep on reading, you will definitely find a pair here! Today I'm gonna show you the trends in sunglasses (in my humble opinion of course). With a little bit visual help of sunglasses queen Denni and some other favourite bloggers like Betty, Hanneli, Karla, Alix, Chriselle and Andy. Enjoy!

Meow, one pair of cat-eyes please !
Absolutely my favourite pair of glasses. Ad a scarf and you're totally ready for a ride in a cabrio! Unfortunately this type of glasses is rather difficult. I've tried like a zillion cat-eye sunglasses and none of them looked well on me. :( But if you have a more round shaped head it should look perfect on you

Buzzzzzzzzzzz, insect alarm !
 I admit, it frightened me a bit. But think about what Jean Paul Gaultier said:
In fashion there is no question 'Why?', there is only 'Why not?'.
That is certainly my favourite fashion quote, I should write it on my closet for every time I doubt about my outfit. Now back to the glasses. Denni from The Chicmuse started with these huge insect-eyes glasses from Tom Ford, and she combined them very chic with black and gold. If this is a bit too much for you, there are several more basic versions.
And a little tip: don't try this if you have a small, round shaped head, you will definitely look like a fly.

Steampunk !
I know it's actually more vintage and flee market style but it reminds me of , and steampunk gothics are awesome, so I call this trend Steampunk. Characterized by fine metal details, the colour brown and perhaps a little bit wood. Maybe I'd better searched for some better examples, but I guess these will do.

Prepare for some fun with these quirky glasses !
Think curious, funny, weird, quirk, ... There is something about these glasses that doesn't make them normal. The good thing about these glasses is that you can buy as many as you wish! They always look unique so you won't wear it as your daily basic glasses, every outfit needs other quirky glasses!
("Yeah, you wish.", says my wallet)

You expected more? Here you have it:

Please stick to the basics !
Perhaps you'll think now: "What the hell was all of that? I'll just stick to my basics." Well basics are definitely a good investment, they look good on everything and will be your loyal friend for years. Unless you're the type that ruins there glasses every summer. Then I advice you to take a look at H&M or New Look.
I never understood that, I still have all my sunnies from when I was 12!
Nevertheless, you can never go wrong with one of these, and they suit almost everyone.

So, what's your favourite?
And just ask if you can't read something!

All glasses from
-Psst they have more then 150 brands (like Prada, , , or less mainstream: Pierre Cardin, Rodenstock and Gianfranco Ferre ), free shippings all over the world, two-year warranty and exchange is possible. Still not convinced? Well, they also support charity with their 'buy one, give one action'! It's the place to be if you're looking for some fancy designer glasses, If you ask me! :)

And check out, you can try some of them on, virtual! So awesome!
Uh oh, I hear my books calling my name... "Siel! Siel! Come here! You haven't used us today and your examen is coming closer!! Siel, come here, immediately!"
See? Haha they're just like my mum ;) Well that's it then, I have to study, so ciao ciao !