31 May 2012

The sun has let me down

After being locked up inside for two days (examination period has started!), I felt like dressing up for a day filled with sunlight (read: walking to the campus). Unfortunately the sun let me down and the only thing I saw was a clouded sky.
skirt, hair cuff H&M - tee WE - flatforms Sacha - owl ring SIX

Feeling inspired by Love Aesthetics, to wear a simple tight shirt instead of something loose, to create a rather minimalistic look. It is actually my former gym T-shirt, that was lying in the back of my closet. Though I like better, I feel too skinny in this tight tee.
And I'm getting an love/hate relationship my beloved Sasha flatforms! They're perfect for short trips, or when you have to stand and sit a lot. But, walking all day? Oh, no! I guess they just loove making blisters at my feet.
And yes again, I forgot the camera at home! But maybe it's a good thing for once, so you won't see my horrible frizzy hair of today ;)

26 May 2012

Gorgeous gowns and drapey dresses

Oh Cannes, Festival de Cannes, when everybody is at their best. The ultimate moment to fantasize about the red carpet and the whole atmosphere around it. I bet you've seen pics of celebrities parading in the most gorgeous dresses. I'm never bored of watching those! Normally I would have showed you my favourites, but since finals are coming closer and closer (Tuesday, aaaaargh!) I decided to show you my favourite dresses, the one I would wear! (Oh, if only...) As usual was my fashion victim and no, it didn't disappoint. Take a look at these gorgeous gowns...

1. A gorgeously romantic Lanvin dress, doesn't match with my hair colour though. 2. Greek inspired dress from Vionnet, I love the absence of a typical (deep) decolleté. 3. This Halston Heritage dress looks quit simple at first sight, but has a surprising back. Also wearable in less dramatic occasions. 4. Reminds me of from about a year ago. Though this Donna Karan dress is even better. 5. The chance you'll see me in a black dress on a gala event is rather small, but this classy dress from The Row has certainly caught my eye. 6. You wont see me in this one either, I haven't the right body for it.Very provocative, but a really fascinating front. And it's sold out now, and I don't remember the brand, sorry!

Voila, I hope you enjoyed it and it's quit clear I like drapey dresses :)
Favourites, anyone?

23 May 2012

The part inside

Now, the final part of my residence in Gesves, Wallonie. 
May I welcome you in the cottage Manoir de Haute...

Cracking doors and floors all over the place, and even holes in the doors!
Check the train! The kitchen was so awesome!
My dad took one picture with my camera and he managed to snap this bird leaving his nest. Pretty impressive!

Coucou, ç'est moi.

20 May 2012

Shoe love

I noticed these gorgeous heels on and couldn't stop thinking about them. They are like a more wearable version (for me though) of Jeffrey Campbell's lita's! Unfortunately I couldn't find them on Sasha's , so I suppose they weren't recently bought. But I've found some other beauties!
But -yes, another but- exams are coming, so I don't have time to go shop at all. Solution: I'll go shopping in July, and hopefully they're in sale by then. That are two birds killed by one stone!
Gosh, what a horrible proverb. It's sounds a lot better in Dutch!

my favourites:

All from Sasha
1. black biker boots €99,95 2. perfect yellow pistol boots €99,95 3. gorgeous and not so basic pumps €70 4. heeled sandals, also lovely in green €49,90 5. flats with colourdetail €79 6. basic yet not so basic booties €80 7. pink booties €99 8. blue loafers 49,90 9. Dorothy-like ballerinas €45 10. perfect green Oxfords €69,90

18 May 2012

The green part

Haha I loved reading your reactions on the previous post!
Now after last scary part, the adventurous part.

the garden
"the house"
the garden
the gateway
the mummy
the cave

And all of that before 12 am, goodmorning!

16 May 2012

The scary part

It's time for our annual family trip to les Ardennes. The whole family is here now, united for a week.
Sunday evening we arrived. It was already dark outside and it felt like I was entering a haunted castle and Dracula was waiting for us or something like that.
We entered through a barely visible gateway, followed a bumpy road over a little bridge to the house.
While parking the car, I watched aside and noticed an ancient looking doll, staring out of the window. Scary...
All quit impressive thus.
And I didn't even told you about the attic...

The other day when I was studying in the seat, I turned my head to the right without thinking. Suddenly I saw two eyes looking at me, right in the gap between the two closed curtains. You could say I moved quit fast to another room afterwards.

7 May 2012

Another outfit

At last, another outfit post! The previous was in January or so? *blush*
That's what happens if you ain't got somebody around to take your pictures :) (and when you yourself are kinda lazy)

Please don't mind the hair, it was half wet (shower) at the moment. Now it looks horribly thin and short. Further the only things missing are a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses and some electric blue coloured nailpolish that I'm about to use right now!

Wearing: H&M hat, New Look crop top, WE skirt, HEMA burgundy tights, Sasha shoes