30 Apr 2012

Our walks through the woods and parks

We were little girls who lived in a world of there own. We fantasized the most impossible things, but for us it all became real. We played between the threes and thought we lived with fairies, magical creatures and the leaves were falling when we laughed happily. We took long walks trough the woods and parks and we never doubted we would get apart. We often were together and shared our idea's.
Now that we graduated from high school there are less woods and parks, but though we're separated more then ever, the band of being close grow stronger. Our fantasy grows larger and we know that we still can do those walks in our woods much longer.

29 Apr 2012


I could talk about one thousand things and I don't know any of them at the moment.
I could talk about my week, about college, about things I like or hate.
But there is no inspiration, no time and no pictures.

I see my sister sitting outside now, the sun is shining brightly. And yet again, I'm here wasting my time on my computer, instead of studying as I should be, or at least enjoying the sun.

Now, just for fun, some random pics.

PS Sorry for the negative undertone. I'm not feeling down or something, I'm just in hmpf mood lately.


These two pictures where taken in March, when I was preparing for my first ball masqué. Friends Katrijn and Elleke joined and later we stepped on our pumpkin coach to the ball.

Then this was in the end of March:
ring H&M
The 31st of March, that date was marked in my agenda since long. It was the day that de invasie (the invasion) would come to Ghent. is a website that unites new designers, and it's one of my favourite webshops too! They took over de School Of Arts for a day and changed it in a market. I saw many great things (including my al time favourite from Elisa Lee). But since it's all available online I wasn't in a rush to buy something. Only a delicious apple crumble pie from was hard to deny. Mmm, now I want a piece of pie!

23 Apr 2012

What I've been up to lately

Hello there!
Guess what I got last Friday :D
Flowers! Well, just one technically. But one enormous beautiful rose.
The occasion was a concert where I had to . It was called 'Young talent'. With a strong accent on young and on talent. I felt like a granny between little Mozarts, whiz-kids. Yeah, no pressure...
Anyway, it went ok, I think. And this gorgeous flower was given to me, so I'm satisfied.

Saturday I went to a flee market in our village with . After imagining the whole interior of my future house. (Think of a combination between the Cherry Blossom Girl and Pandora) And seeing the most horrible and beautiful things, I allowed myself and my wallet to buy one piece of beautiful, unnecessary rubbish. This is the result.
necklace H&M
We call it a bonbonnerie (coming from bonbons, if you didn't get the link). Perfect to store jewellery, candy, and other things! Not sure were I'll put it though.
I also could show you my new sunglasses from Liège, but I was too lazy to get them upstairs. Sorry about that. They're from Primark by the way, really cheap (like 1,50 euros!), and they have flowers. Spring coloured flowers: green, pink, yellow. Yay!

And further I learned myself to play the from Tangled on the piano. (Ruby and I adore that movie!) The song wasn't that difficult to play luckily.
 But I cheat a bit, I often have to write the notes on the paper, especially in bas cleff.
Then I tried to play after watching Aladdin . (Who said Disney is just for kids?)
But it is for some reason way too difficult.
Mmm, I'd better take lessons for the piano. Once...
Now back to my own things. The flute! I'm drowning in work lately with my music exams coming so soon. And school exams too of course.
I have to play some weird, some colourful, some famous, some simple and many difficult pieces.
Now I'd better get started! See you next time, have a nice day  and all those things.

Love, Siel

20 Apr 2012

Playing around

(These pictures are not edited)



17 Apr 2012

Minimalistic, futuristic, constructive

I'm inspired by something lately, but I can't really name it. Something like minimalistic/ futuristic/ constructive eh... things. I made a mood board slash wishlist to share it with you.
It's quit long but now you can immerse in soberness and feel the atmosphere. Gee now I sound like a guru or something, haha!, fountain by
Topshop skirt, Dr Martens shoes,
Chanel ss'12, Maison Martin Margiela perfume 'Untitled', Dior Garden Party make-up clutch, Louis Vuiton ss'12
Marni for H&M, ZARA, New look (missed the one from Marni, now hoping to score the others)
Margiela, Acne dress + Margiela heels, Margiela
Reed Krakoff
COS, the inside of the skirt has an awesome neon orange colour, sandals weren't available in my size anymore :(, leather-skirt-that-I-never-found-in-stores from
showing the Werelse x Mango collection
Stylestalker lookbook
jewellery from

12 Apr 2012

More coming soon...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! The pictures are ready and waiting but there are some uploading issues.
I hope I'll find a good solution this time. Suggestions are always welcome by the way.

And tomorrow I'll be heading to Luik / Liège for a day, must sees are welcome too!


6 Apr 2012

Elle & River Island Event

Wednesday me and Siel went to the Elle & River Island event! It was amazing to see her again after a long time. We amused ourselves and met new bloggers! As usual I fell in love with shoes! This time I bought comfortable boots! It's unusual for me though, I always buy high heels, but these boots are the most beautiful boots I ever had =) Me happy! Siel bought a lovely fake stretcher. Very beautiful as well. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I'm also glad that I could finally make a post again =P