31 Mar 2012

Lost and found

Back to art! Everybody knows Disney and (almost) everybody know Dali.
Now imagine a combination between the two of them!

That is what the intention years ago when Walt and Salvador where still alive they decided to make a shortfilm together. It was based on the song Destino (=Destination) from the Mexican Armando Dominguez. Dali's surrealistic characteristics are dominant in the film, but Disney is mostly recognisable because of the montage (resembling Disney's Fantasia).

Due financial problems the production was stopped in the forties. Years later, just after Fantasia was made cousin Roy Disney decided to go on with the project. They finished in 2003 but the movie was never showed in "public", just in big museums like Tate Modern and Moma. Finally, in 2011 the shortfilm was showed to a wider public by putting it on a DVD together with Fantasia. So if you want it, just buy the DVD. :)

Luckily for us there is something called youtube:

The opening part is my favourite, when the rock turns into a woman. It's a perfect example of Dali's typical metamorphoses and double image.

And another arty thing to end wiht:
Haha! :)
And it would be even better if they used the typical shots shots (close-up, medium shot, wide shot) Nah, that's just me being critical again!

source info:

27 Mar 2012

Meeting new brands

Presenting Black Balloon & Olivia Hainaut

People often forget that Belgian fashion belongs in the same category as 'the big boys', we have names like Maison Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten, etc. Today I'm going to show you some 'new' young Belgian designers, that definitely belong in that row. In Paris (see , , and ) we visited the Belgian showroom. It was arranged by the FFI (Flanders Fashion Institute) and showed the collections, represented by their designers. The purpose was to introduce the brands to the international press.

Let's start with Black Balloon
This Ghent-based label is just 2 years old and founded by the ladies Sarah Bos and Cleo Baele.
The men and woman-collections of this duo combine female and tough elements, simply yet edgy, with an eye for detail and refinement, "nouveau chic" as they like to call it.
We met the friendly Sarah Bos in Paris and she explained to us that their latest collection was inspired on daltonism (color-blindness) with a little touch of the Dalton brothers. Which results in a timeless collection for outlaws of this generation. The main colour was black with a touch of silver and yellow.
However the accessories caught our eyes immediately. Rough materials like leather and fragile embroided feathers looked like they where dipped in silver, while remarkably keeping the rough and fragile look. I can easily imagine it like dipping in paint, but it turned out to be a quit complicated process.

For now Black Balloon is sold in their shop (Onderbergen 39, Ghent), their or on the online gathering for young designers (+ op 31/03 - 01/04, in Gent)

And by the way, check out their Magnetic Wing Broche! You can wear it as a collar or a broche, wherever you like it with the help of 2 strong magnetic points. Looks amazing if you ask me. :)

Followed by Olivia Hainaut

I'm gonna be honest, it wasn't really my taste. I have no idea what Ruby's opinion is but the clothes seemed a bit too lady chic, that-isn't-really-chic to me. In dutch we call it ordinair, which isn't a compliment :/  But -yes there is a but- , I have tons of respect for the technique. She gives a whole new look to leather by using several weaving techniques. But result was rather fragile, I would constantly be afraid to break it.

On the other hand, there was the jewellery again. And those were great!
Not very original I'm afraid, but gold, snakes and minerals everywhere. Hello instant glamour feeling!

Unfortunately I forgot what the collection was about (bye, bye journalistic career), but I think her inspiration comes from ancient movies and glamour.

I (Ruby) wanted to add more details to this collection, but unfortunately I couldn't found her collection in the magazine I had nor could I find more information on the internet. Siel has done a great job in explaining everything well.

24 Mar 2012

Another designer

A while ago I stumbled on Linde Hermans' website. She is a Belgian designer with a very creative mind. Her work is a combination of artisanal craftsmanship and industrial aspects. She often uses recognizable images, symbols and stories with a playful touch.

I have to admit that I don't know much about her, but perhaps that's something positive. Now we can imagine the story behind by ourselves.






Though the earrings are fascinating, they are attractive and repulsive at the same time, I ammost fond of the last one, the mask. The great picture and wicked hairdo a la Edward Scissorhands contribute to this, but the form of the object itself is quit amazing too. It's a simple yet strong shape that illuminates the face.


17 Mar 2012

Paris shoplog

Now, time for the last post about Paris. I hope you guys can have just one more after , and
This time I'm gonna show you my boughts! Just three things but (almost) all very useful. That's the way we like it!

Numéro un, a camera bag. Very useful since I just bought a camera! Big thanks to , who had found him in a vintage store! And the colour is a bit more red-brown actually.

La deuxième; big earrings, bought on a flee market.

And numéro trois, a laptop sleeve. I desperately needed one after my home-made sleeve started to rip. This one caught my eye a while ago and I was so happy to find out they still had it in stock!
From Marc by Marc Jacobs.

And this is what I wore:
Day 1 - vintage blouse and skirt (both from T2) and my mum's necklace (from Cassis I think)

Day 2 - blue long cardigan also from my mum (WE), from ZARA, jegging from Esprit, gifted bracelets, owl ring from SIX,

(shoes V&D, bag Cowboysbag)

14 Mar 2012

Bye bye chino, it's time for something new

Let me introduce you the pants of next spring:

Called: PJ-pants, Palazzo pants
Characteristics (not necessarily combined) :
wide leg - straight leg - print - satin - like a PJ

1. Hanneli
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious outfit!
I stumbled on this beautiful pants in a Massimo Dutti shop.
Loved the print but the fabric felt like my new pj-pants.
I fell in love again seeying Hanneli wearing it in video
2. Chicmuse
Gorgeous pants and bustier from Topshop! (swanprinted)
But clearly copied from this Miu Miu show:
with cat print!
3. The Cherry Blossom Girl
The Cherry Blossom Girl, who let me fall in love with this type of pants.
Great combination with the shoes!

4. 5 inch and up
Sandra wearing it in a pajamas / prisoner version.
She has guts wearing this H&M suit!

5. Sincerely, Jules
Rocking the famous ZARA Palazzo pants!

6. More, more, more !
ZARA €70

Rag & Bone via net-a-porter €405

Elizabeth and James via net-a-porter €363

River Island £30

Forever 21 €24
sheer version

Nom De Plume via Urban Outfitters €92

The dark blue ones are definitely my favourites. It's such a beautiful colour!
And I think I'll check the one from Massimo Dutti again, it looked stunning in Hanneli's video.

13 Mar 2012

While dreaming

 Do you know those periods that you're dreaming almost every night? Well I have it right now. Even this morning I woke up like a zillion times , fell asleep again and had almost every time another dream!

The only one I can remember now is the last one. I went searching for a new flat -which is actually a good idea :) I think I'll go searching later this day- with friend Katrijn. Then I was in a luxury house/hotel with Ruby. And then at their courtyard, making music, while Ruby was dancing. But the weird thing was that my grandparents and aunt where sitting there like an audience. After our performance my aunt and grandfather where discussing with us and telling us it's a shame that we stopped with our hobbies. (While I still play the flute!) I remember I was wondering the fact my grandfather was so clear (from dementia). Then I woke up again and realised my grandfather died last year.
Now I think I somehow replaced my grandmother for my grandfather. She has dementia too and a few weeks ago my mum tolled me she was very clear (for her) and asked after me.

Last Saturday was another weird one. My father woke me up and after a few minutes of enjoying my bed I went downstairs and had breakfast. The weird thing about this was the fact that my father on that moment really woke me up and everything happened again, for real this time. But it felt so real the first time! Afterwards I had a strong feeling that I woke up twice that day!

Pictures by me, clouds above Ghent :)

10 Mar 2012

Paris, Je t'aime! 3/3

This is the third post of Paris Fashion Week, weekend. We have so many pictures, so it's hard to decide which ones we want to share. It was such a lovely time and we saw so many things, but I still want to go back to see so much more. I can't get enough of Paris. The second day we sadly had to go home but everything went perfect in our journey back. The Thalys had even vegetarian food!
Anyway, it felt like a dream.
Don't forget to check out the video :)

Untitled from Kim Geentjens on Vimeo.