30 Jan 2012

New Boughts

Hello, I'm showing you some some new clothes I could but during the sales. I still want to go chopping tomorrow after my exams! I still think I need to catch up sales x) and I need relaxation as well. Those exams are stressing me out. =) Well enjoy the pictures :)  xxx Ruby

29 Jan 2012

I see the lights

Last Friday I went to the lichtfestival of Gent. That's eh a festival of light :) This year was the second edition of it, and actually the first time I've heard of it.

It was the most wonderful thing I've ever seen and I'm not exaggerating!
Al ready when we arrived in the centre of the city to eat something, there was a weird, magical atmosphere. We decided to eat outside on the terrace and kept telling each other that it felt like the Revolution (if you know Bobejaanland) or Droomvlucht (if you know de Efteling) or Disneyland (but I've never been there), anyway you get my point. It was amazing.

Unfortunately we didn't had a map so we just followed the mass. And that's why we didn't saw everything, but what we've seen already was definitely impressive.
Untill next year?


Anneleen Van Hoey, Gent

Christine Eloot, Wetteren

Thomas Dekiere, Izegem

Wouter Van Crombruggen, Gent

Agnès Van de Voorde, Everbeek

Sara Van der Paelt, Gent

Leen Van de walle, OVERIJSE

Check if you want an impression. (There are both fragments from '11 and '12)

All pictures from

And tonight is the last time, take your chance I'd say! :)

PS. I forgot to tell you the best part!
Last year the difference in energy use was barely noticable, and this time it won't be different.
There are used 55 000 LED-lights with each just 20kWh and the blue birds from Maeterlinck (second pic) are even energy-neutralizing!

26 Jan 2012

Tagged again

We're tagged by Maria from . Thank you so much darling! Normally I'm not so much into the tagging thing, but it might be fun for you, if you like to learn some more about us :)
So we'll give up our "precious" study time for a while and fill in these questions.

1. Who's your biggest hero?
Siel: , , , ...
Ruby: , ,,...

2. Describe yourself in one word.
Siel: Mmm difficult. I guess I'll take
Ruby: Dreamer *-*

3. Do you regret something badly?
Siel: I once called a girl fat on a social network site when I was about 14 I think (she was a classmate of a friend of mine). Afterwards I noticed she checked my profile (I didn't know she was even on that site) and I felt sooooo guilty! Still actually. Every time I see her I feel deeply ashamed and hope that she has forgotten.
Ruby: Mmm... I think I always feel guilty when I have been mean to someone, and I really regret those moments because, the band with that person most of the time never gets healed, but I hope I'm not mean very much =P

4. Do you like brand clothing?
Siel: I have to admit I do. But I can be completely happy with vintage items also. I love everything ;)
Ruby: Yes, I'm longing for my first Prada shoes, but I'm satisfied with cheap items :)

5. Are you happy with yourself?
Siel: Yes, most of the time I am. I'm not perfect, I do have complexes, but I can live with that. Nobody is perfect.
Ruby: Sometimes, and sometimes not. It really depends on how I'm feeling that day.

6. What was your biggest fail?
Siel: My public exam (of the secondary grade) of flute. Big fail due the nerves. Also had to do a piece by heart, and had a total black out. Worst. Moment. Ever.
Ruby: I follow Siel's answer, my exam Art History, I had a black out and I can't even believe I forgot everything. It feels so bad when you sit before your teacher and you don't know what to say anymore. It gives me the chills when I think about it again.

7. What's your favourite music genre?
Siel: Hmm I love almost all of them, but some rock and roll or other music always makes me happy. :)
Ruby: I love a lot! Soundtracks, Classic, at the moment I really adore the music of Phriscila Ahn!

8. When was the last time you laughed loudly?
Siel: It wasn't the last time, but it was something I won't forget. :) I asked my dad the day before New Year's Eve if he wanted to drive me home then. He answered sighing: "You wont have a boyfriend by then?"
Ruby: I think me and my twin can always laugh loudly about the most silly things!

9. Which moments you'll never forget?
Siel: Holidays end camps are the best <3
Ruby: I hope I will never forget good times!

10. What are your hobbies?
Siel: Music! I play the flute for 10 years now (Uhh that sounds like a lifetime!) and another flute (blockflöte in German) for 9 years :) But further I love reading and learning new things about fashion.
Ruby: I stopped ballet after 13 years, and now I don't actually have a hobby anymore. Perhaps one called school.

11. What makes you happy?
Siel: When Ruby and I are getting crazy about some creative idea. We can talk about it for hours and constantly inspire each other :)
Ruby: I agree with Siel! Those moments are the best! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Siel & Ruby

24 Jan 2012

I see...

In the very beginning of this blog Ruby and I liked to discuss our art history lessons here. We talked once about the similarity between Munch and Tim Burton's characters. Now high school is over we've both gone other ways (still studying art though). But I noticed some things lately which I absolutely wanted to show you, in memory of those old days. :)

It all started when I stumbled on this picture:
Female study by John W. Waterhouse, 1894, source: wikipedia

She reminded me of Anna Boleyn in the television series of The Tudors. (Natalie Dormer)

Then I saw this painting:
The Northwest Passage by John E. Millais, 1878, source: wikipedia
The first thing that came up in my head was Kate Winslet!
pics from the lovely movie Finding Neverland
Then while studying for an exam lately I noticed something special about the next painting.
Sisyphus by Titian, 1550, source: wikipedia
Get a closer look...

 I present you...

TOOTHLESS from the movie How to train your dragon !
And then it got even worse!
I started seeing faces, or at least one face, in my bread bag !!
(If you have a better word for it or you can assume me that bread bag is a proper word please tell me! :p )

Now the big question is,
Am I becoming crazy ?

Slightly worried greetings,

22 Jan 2012

A post for Siel

Hey, it's Ruby Speaking. Siel has been taking care of the blog so well, I thought I do something nice back. I'll make a post of her :) There are some old pictures I took and some resent. But I thought it was nice to look back to the time we had so much fun making these pictures. Siel, this post is for you! xxx

21 Jan 2012

Hello again

 We hadn't got the best weather, here it was raining slightly.
 skirt: WE, shoes: UO, hat: H&M
 @ Fotomuseum
 There where the lights are, was our hotel :) (hotel Bazaar)
 I can't resist monki :)
I realised I've never showed you these pictures. This is from a short trip to Rotterdam last September. I've showed you some picture earlier in a very short and impersonal way, so hereby I apologise :)
I hope you enjoyed these ones!

18 Jan 2012

Bus ride? Anyone?

This is truly the most awesome bus I've ever seen !
Why didn't I knew this when I was in Rotterdam last September ?

Read more after the break

14 Jan 2012

Purple dream

I don't think I ever showed you this.
Sorry for the bad quality, it's edited from a webpicture, I don't have the original.
It is sort of inspired by
And it comes from this -not one of my best! xD
Tja, I had fun editing :)

10 Jan 2012


January, the month of exams! I'm very busy with studying right now (wish me luck I can use some ;)
But I have some pictures to amuse. A while ago I took these photos of my new home (on weekdays though). It's very small -like in: very very small, but I figured out that can be quit handy ! Three steps to your sink makes me finally use a beauty-routine. And having a fridge on my room appeared to be positive too :D Anyway it's just for this year, next year I'm moving to something (hopefully) cosier.

another positive aspect: a gorgeous view of Ghent.

My first postcard since I live here, yay! And it fits perfectly with the interior ;)

The images are from Monki Magazine. I had a very bare room in the beginning, and then I noticed the magazine, lying on my bed...
The wall stickers, who give a perfect green touch to my room are from Ikea :)
And the drawing at the end was made by a young illustrator at the Museum Night in Ghent. It says: "Do not forget to study!" And that's so true xD tough I'm not distracted by alcohol, rather by the world wide web with it's amazing fashion sites!


I just stumbled on this funny song !
It's from an Englishman who lived in Belgium for several years. I feel a bit patriotic while listening it, haha. It's a great ode to Belgium. The title is "potverdekke", which you can translate in something like "damn", "bloody"or "goddamned".
It appeared to be a giant hit in Belgium, in the late nineties. But I didn't noticed anything. Maybe I was too young back then :)

And I really laughed my head off with this interview with Adele ! Hahaha you must see it !
I love Ushi interviews with celebrities xD

or this one with Amerika's next topmodel's catwalk coach !

Hahahaha I'm still laughing ! You'll understand why my study books haven't seen me so much as they should today ;)

8 Jan 2012


A while ago, a girl came to me and to me and asked if I'd like to model for her, while giving me her business card. I didn't knew her but I recognised her face (she's also studying arts like me). Of course I said yes, who wouldn't? ;) I was quit flattered actually! And in the beginning of December it finally happened. It was quit interesting actually to talk with her, and hear her visions about photography, and her work. It appeared that we shared the same opinion about 'recent photography', or what the owners call photography. And talking to her opened my view on photography completely! She's very inspiring.
She wanted a picture of me for her series of Look at me / don't look at me. Based on the idea of reflecting her characteristics on people she barely or doesn't know. After that she took another extra picture.
You'll understand that I had to google her afterwards, I was really curious about this girl! And I did found some interesting facts. She won 'De kunstbende', that's a big art competition for youth here in Belgium. She has exposed in the FOMU, photography museum of Antwerp(!). And her pictures will be shown in the book 'If you leave'. That was an online, international contest by the Belgian Laurence von Thomas. He selected the best picture from all over the world, and only one Belgian photographer was good enough, just her. (En voor de Belgen onder jullie, ze stond deze zomer ook in Focus Knack)

Those who've read all those text are probably curious about her. :) Well, her name is Stine Sampers, and believe me, she's going to be big! Check or
for more.

Pictures by Stine Sampers