30 Nov 2011

Ruby speaking with random pictures.

I feel so sad me and Siel have so little time we can actually spend together and she's been working so hard on this blog and I barely added post. So that why I made this post. It are random pictures which I edited. I hope you like them!

28 Nov 2011

Extra Extra!

I'm glad to announce the shoes of the bloggers collaboration with SIX! (see this previous post for more information about the project)
Be fast, cause they are limited editions!

I'm am truly surprised by them actually. Now I hear you thinking: "Surprised? Why? You showed them in the other post!" Well yes I did, and I wasn't really convinced about them. But now seeing them in 'reality', changes my mind completely! They are way, way more beautiful.
See for yourself...


The cherry blossom girl:

Face hunter:

Carolines mode:

Style Salvage:

The man repeller is missing, but she hasn't post hers yet.

What do you think about them?

Sources: the cherry blossom girl, style bubble, facehunter, carolinesmode, style salvage 

27 Nov 2011


Vero Moda I hate you.

How could you!
You knew I was looking for a certain type of coat since summer.
I barely found what I was looking for.
And then, you come up with those perfect coats.
Yes plural cause you didn't make one perfect coat, you made four!
But then you had to make it so expensive, that I have to choose one,
and that I have to convince my mum.
Well, you'd better wish me good luck

I lightened them a bit so you could see the model better.
from left to right

25 Nov 2011

Death lips

You've probably already seen it, the death lips trend. That means, when the colour of your lips is lighter than your skin. A version of nude lips thus.
I'm noticing it more and more lately. (Though it's not new at all)

Nicki Minaj ft Rihanna in the clip Fly

Prada Spring 2012

Cynthia from Miss lipgloss

And my own version:
(you can't see it very well here but it's the idea, right ;)
Yves Saint Laurent rouge volupté - Sensual Silk
I took a while before I actually wore it, when I bought it.
But now al doubts have fade away and I'm getting really addicted!

24 Nov 2011

Personal favourites through the years, part II

Favourite outfits part II
Le monde de Tokyobanhbao
Karla's closet
Miss pandora
Le blog de betty

love aesthetics
love aesthetics

Style rookie

22 Nov 2011

We Are Handsome, yes you are!

Just found this amazing brand!
We Are Handsome

I love the softness of the first one. Both in print and cut.
And the second one is so bold yet still feminine in a cat way
The third one has those amazing clouds! I wouldn't mind if the bottom had also clouds but I do love the idea of sky and ground.

They have the best swimsuits ever! Although they haven't got the one I'm looking for since years.
And prices are unfortunately between 230 and 330 dollars.

21 Nov 2011


A few days ago a friend of ours organised a high tea. I hadn't got the time to bake something, so I went decorating cookies (like I did for the tombstones for Halloween). Without a plan, just drawing anything that came to my head. And this is the result.

I had a nice time seeing my 'old' friends again :)

20 Nov 2011

I want you, please jump into my closet?

Oh All Saints. *Sigh* Why are you so expensive?
Expect me in your store in January!
While I don't even have time to shop at all. But I'll make an exception for you, dear holiness.

Oh gosh. Why art thou so expensive milord!