30 Oct 2011


SIXby6Bloggers is a project of and to celebrate the 10th birthday of SIX. They selected 6 (what a surprise!) bloggers to design there perfect shoe. That must be like a dream coming through *sigh*. I couldn't find the date of release unfortunately, maybe you can buy them already? Anyway, it's quit recent :)

About their shoe:

Susie Lau from Style Bubble: 'The inspiration actually came from a vintage shoe I already owned, a Seventies platform which was a chunky, glam-rock kind of boot and I wanted to exaggerate that, and make it a lot quirkier, mix up the materials. It's a shoe that I know I would never be able to buy in reality and that's exactly what I wanted, I didn't want to perpetuate something that was already out there. Maybe I'll be the only person who wants to wear it, but that's cool, I'm fine with that!

Yvan Rodic from Facehunter: 'I wanted to keep it simple, I like minimal design, and I liked the idea of a shoe that you could wear during the day, but at night as well. I like to combine the simple with the strange, I think it probably reflects my personality in that way!'

Caroline Blomst from Caroline's Mode: 'I've always been a boot girl, I like boots, I wear them every day, and I wanted to make something cool. I had a Versace couture pair in mind when I started, and also some by Chloé. So I wanted to do a mixture of those two, with an added little twist of my own. I'd say they're real rock-chick boots, they work with everything in my wardrobe.'

Alix Bancourt from The Cherry Blossom Girl (one of my favourite bloggers!): 'I used a Valentino shoe as reference (maybe this one?), I liked the way it made the front of the foot look almost bare, and I wanted my design to have that sexiness. My shoes have a really clear purpose - taxi-cocktail bar-taxi-bed!'

 Steve Salter from Style Salvage: 'Once I knew the time of the year the shoe was coming out, I thought about what I'm obsessed with around then, and it's always the Autumn colours, the Autumn hues, plums reds, and even the sounds of walking through all the crisp leaves, so the idea for my design came from there really. And although I was essentially my own muse for this shoe, it's really not that crazy, I can see most people wearing it, anyone who has an interest in current fashion, what with its creeper sole and desert boot style.'

Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller: 'My shoe reflect my personality in that the silhouette is chic - underneath the bright colours and the studs is something classic, but still decorated by a big chunk of what's trendy. I'm hoping to wear them with everything! I want a versatile shoe that could either compliment a great outfit or spruce up one that needs a little push of crazy.'

My opinion? I think they're beautiful, but they don't make me greedy. I don't think I would buy one of them. But I like the whole idea of bloggers designing. Mostly they have great taste ;)

PS Carolina from Caroline's mode was the one who took a of us! Yay! (or her friend did actually, and she was watching)
PPS Her shoe is slightly different then her original design. Difficult chose for her or mistake by the website? ('cause that shoe isn't really new, check here and here for example)
PPPS I do like the fact that they're all so different, and that you can recognise everyone's style.
PPPPS Now I'm gonna stop before this post becomes too long, getting bored already? ;)


29 Oct 2011

I just noticed that I had forgotten the title, so here it is

skirt River Island, blouse Bershka (old)
These where very quick outfit pictures, cause I was packing!
And one day later (today) my hair is much much shorter, I feel almost bold!
I'm not really used to it yet :p
(you'll probably see it in the next post!)
But now, busy busy busy!...
With planning an Halloween evening :D Yay!

See ya!

26 Oct 2011

Bye, bye drawing skills

A while a go I was talking with an ex-classmate about losing your drawing skills. Like you know, or maybe don't know; Ruby and I both studied art in secondary school. Well now I wanted to test if I'd lost my skills :) And the result? yeah I kinda lost them xD And I couldn't find a gum so that didn't really helped.
I hardly dare to show you, but this the result (from far far away x) :

And here is the outfit of today!
Sorry again for the bad quality of the pics, I forgot my camera again.
And I hope you're not bored al ready of the stupid background xD,
I don't really have a choice about that!
Cardigan, short H&M - top from some vintage store (although it isn't vintage) - shoes local shoe shop - earrings New Look

I've never worn these earrings since I dyed my hair, the colours don't fit well together I think. But today is an exception.
And oh, I like the fact that my hair is getting so long !

24 Oct 2011

Memories in a picturesque way

For the 18th birthday of a friend I a made a calender.
Filled with memories from the about sixteen years I've known her.
I took my bike and camera and started taking pictures,
and looked through my photo archives.
I'm not going to show you all of them, but here you've got a few..

You might recognise London, Sienna and Rotterdam :)
And by the way, none of them are made with a reflex camera!

19 Oct 2011

Food, glorious food!

I stumbled on this awesome pics, not very fashion related but truly amazing!
Foodscapes by Carl Warner (I constantly think Wagner :p)
It's so fun to search which food he used! :D

I wonder if he used photoshop or made a maquette..

17 Oct 2011

Flair Shopping Day II

After don't seeing each other for a while, busy with studying, we finally made time to go to the Flair Shopping Day together. And we had a lot of fun! We shopped, ate delicious deserts, drank free coke, and shared the day like best friends! Now I'm speaking for myself (Ruby), I really enjoyed this day and honestly, I missed these" best friends moments". Just doing fun and crazy stuff, and also just talking. So, with this I hope that we soon find again time to do fun stuff together! =D
Now over to the pictures. I beg my pardon for the lack of pictures. I carried my camera with me all the time but just forgot to take pictures. At least we have our outfit pictures! So hereby I say: Enjoy!

More pictures after the break!

10 Oct 2011

Just a random day

I don't really have the time to answer reactions etc. lately, but I do like to post some little things :)
I'm kind of a serious type, but some people can make that disappear !

With good friend Lynn, who came to visit me in my far, far away city.

9 Oct 2011

Where did the bull go?

I told you about the red-rag-and-bull-effect last time, well this time I didn't noticed anything of that. :p
It seems like red pants are less attractive? Anyway I don't really care, it's just a fun fact. :)
Last Thursday I bought this red fella at an awesome new discovered store: Oxfam-Solidariteit. Be sure I'll come back to this awesome shop! (For the Belgian readers: It's a bit like Think Twice!)
The red pants reminded me somehow about a look I once saw. And I had to try an all red outfit!
Later that day I changed my mind and combined it with a white blouse and some silver en golden jewellery.

pants Oxfam-Solidariteit - red top JBC - white blouse H&M - necklace and bracelet F21 - watch D&G

PS next time I wont forget to bring a real camera with me!

8 Oct 2011

Like a red rag to a bull

Yesterday I felt like a red rag to a bull with my little red skirt.
The weather was less nice then the days before and many dark winter coats appeared -so did mine. And then there was that red accent. Every male person I passed fixed his eyes on me.
Are boys really like bulls? Do they always get attracted by red things? It was a really weird phenomenon.
Maybe a good tip for the temptresses under you? Although they probably knew that fact already :)

jumper with shoulder details JBC - circle scarf V&D - red skirt H&M - my beloved booties River Island - earrings from a little shop in Rotterdam

5 Oct 2011


Yes I'm still alive !

Many things have happened.
I'm living in a whole other city right now, I'm going to a totally different school and have many free hours. But my mind is getting overwhelmed by al those new things and mass theory.
Hmm let's be a little clearer.
I started a my first year as university student in Gent, it's all quit exciting but I'm tired of all those new things. And I haven't got a camera of my own (I stole my father's mostly) so the only thing I can give is some crappy webcam shit. But hey, it's something :)

Today's school outfit:
pants, jacket Steps - shirt H&M - bag Cowboysbag - shoes River Island - necklace vintage

And yes I coloured my hair again lately! (I dye it monthly)
I'm noticing the henna layers make it more and more dark and no longer flashy orange xD luckily