30 Jun 2011

Prom preparations

Monday we had an enchanting night.
It was time for something we were looking forward to for years, our prom.
Monday afternoon Ruby and her sister came to my place and we start preparing.
Last details like earrings, bags and nailpolish were judged, rejected and finally approved.

H&M skirt and top

See the result in the next post !

28 Jun 2011

Next year it were the others, this year it's our time and our glory

Graduation! We all got or diploma, at least  we know we get it tomorrow at 8 p.m.
I have made a drawing once of my class, and I wanted to share it with you all.

Siel is the second one from the left, Ruby beside her.

17 Jun 2011

One colour

Ring ring trend alert!

My observations tell me that there is a "new" trend.
Of course trends emerge constantly, but some succeed and break through.
Will this one become a giant hit? Who knows. Maybe.
Well let me introduce you the one colour trend.
After mixing the brightest colours together with colour blocking,
we choose just one colour now! -Red is recommended-
So tell me...
Will you follow this trend?

Here is Riri again!
( I think from Jak&Jill, I only know her name is Stephanie)

And the last ones both from

11 Jun 2011



I just discovered the Belgian designer Kaat Tilley designed the clothes voor the Luminus commercial, awesome isn't it !
She is not my favourite designer but I like some things of her :)
Note: these pictures were the ones I really liked.
It's the first time she's asked to dress commercials but not her first time out of the fashion world. For example she dresses the Belgian music group Laïs, the Portugese singer Dulce Pontes and also made the costumes for the movie 'The emperor's wife'.
Luminos is a company that sells natural gas. Their commercials are often fantastic and magical. These things make advertisement a fun thing :) And that's why Kaat Tilley was the perfect person for these commercials.

source: spe, kaattilley

7 Jun 2011

Collage fun

Don't you love collages?
I certainly do!
It gives a great colour expression and has a high I want-factor
Spotting a very beautiful collage at Amberhella gave me the idea of making a post out of it :)
click on the picture to go to the source

This very nice one is from Amberhella.

Again an amazing Candy bag, from le blog de betty this time.

Ah, I just had to show you her whole Furla Candy bag collection. Isn't it amazing?

More colours from my own little everything.

And it might not be a good idea to put this one between all the colors (so it looks less striking) But it's truly amazing an deserves a place in this little list. From Ivania, love-aesthetics.
I always feel so little when I read her blog. She's just the most genious person ever.

5 Jun 2011

Greedy makes every fashion loving person greedy.
These are a few of my favourite things.
Join the wonderful world of

2 Jun 2011


Yesterday I went to Music For Japan. It's an event organised by the uncle of my friend and so she invited me and some others. When we arrived there we immediately got vip cards, awesome! And later we helped a bit behind the scenes by selling drink tickets and stickers for Japan :)

And -like always- I forgot to take some outfit pictures. Stupid cause I was wearing my gorgeous new H&M skirt!
Later that night was the poolparty from a friend of Ruby and me.
Quit fun too! Although I lost my bike key.
But I'm not going to publish al those pictures on the world wide web!
Just one with Ruby going outside :)

That was my busy wednesday, I hope you had geat ones too!