30 May 2011

Hanging in my closet

The result of last Saturday:
slightly inspired by the burning house (awesome site!)

New Look:
belt, hair accesoires

roses, rabbit ring, socks

And a little present for a friend :)

And to end, a great Sex & The City quote:
I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet.

29 May 2011

Small changes

There have been some small changes on Two Wonder Girls lately!
To make things easier there is a follow/contact page above. And for the interested there is features page beside, with one first feature: Spotted on Youth Fashion Day. (I'm a little bit proud of it :D)

And further there are labels at the side: Art, outfits, photo shoot and travelling.
At last two lists with our favourite blogs. One with daily reads and the other with awesome blogs.

There will come some more changes probably but I can't predict when.
And it won't be mentioned in a post again. This is an exception because so much has changed :)

26 May 2011

Sun, sea, study

I went to the coast, just like I said a few posts earlier :)
The weather was nice (I even get a little sun burned) but the exams are coming so the youth in our family had to study. And that is what you see in the picture below.
Anyway, I had a great weekend in Blankenberge !
Love, Siel


24 May 2011

Knowing me knowing you

It always amazes me how people know me.
My family knows me as a very lazy person that knows a lot about art. A few weeks ago I was on monitor camp and there I was the calm one, the person to whom you could go if there were problems. And at school we had a little improvisation time where I had to be the philosopher, the person who questions everything. A perfect role for me they said.
While I really am the same person.

And further I wanted to show you this. They are both pictures from the Billboard Awards.
Not that I had ever heard of the event, but I liked checking the outfits. There were two that attracted my attention immediately.

I don’t know why, but Michelle Williams’ outfit attracts me. I like the cut of the dress and she looks amazing with it.

Rihanna on the other hand is just.. I don’t know how to say it. Amazing, awesome, stunning :)
The strong combination of the red and white or the combination of the cut of the blouse with the blaze and of course the white on white combination!

Oh men you have no idea how I’m struggling to express my feelings in English xD


20 May 2011


Every day is unique. It will be only once the twentieth of May and only once the twenty-first of May.
Isn't it extraordinary that we experience so many unique days in our life?
And isn't it quit weird that I still wonder about that while I've experienced it so many times?

Wednesday we went to Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (with some others), while Ruby actually saw it Monday with her sister (She won tickets to the première, so cool!)
And today is my parents marriage anniversary. I gave them a little breakfast in bed before I left to school this morning.
This evening I'm off to the Belgian coast for three days. I hope for nice weather!
Enough about me.

I'm going to show you an amazing brand: Lulu Guiness. I first saw one of her umbrellas on Kaya's blog and discovered the brand later.

 1. £450
2. £425
3. £215
4. £125 (the bag with the lashes)
5. £55
6. £450
7. £225
8. £225 (purple lips clutch)
9. £275
10. £32
11. £32

Quit expensive indeed, but isn't it amazing?
I am seriously doubting about the bird cage umbrella

Have a nice weekend!

15 May 2011

Yesterday Shopping Day

Yesterday shopping day!
I bought some great new clothes in Antwerp and find some amazing jewellery in my mom's closet.
We also went to the Youth Fashion Day -which was a little bit disappointing- but Ruby forgot her camera :p

H&M skirt

Paul & Joe Sister dress
Thanks to Stiene  from Voquesuit I found the shop Labels Inc in Antwerp, an amazing designer outlet!
A necklace from my (grand)mother

Vintage skirt from Think Twice

Oversized T-shirt from New Look (actually from last week)

13 May 2011

What is happening?

Blogger is acting really weird!
I made a new post yesterday and it was publicised al ready, there where comments!
And it all dissapeared.
Really annoying :(

-edit: And now it's back, everything is oke :)-

12 May 2011

Hussein Chalayan Spring 2007

Have you ever seen the spring fashionshow 2007 from Hussein Chalayan?
It is really the most spectaculair one I've ever seen!
Dresses become shorter and hat shrink, how could this man ever do this?
Watch and see by yourself, it's truly amazing.

And don't forget the non-moving ones, they are great too.


1 May 2011


My dearest friends from The Mad Twins made an amazing video.
Oh gosh I can't stop watching it, it's just adorable!
I think you would made them very happy by voting for them :)
Go and check it out, you will like it!

And to convince you, I made a little sneak peak.

You can vote (everyday) here.