30 Apr 2011

Just another ordinary day

I hadn't showed you an outfit in weeks, so voila :)
It's nothing special, just a regular for a regular day.

 I also found some great books in a second hand shop. The first one from Louise Rennison was on my wishlist, and I've got the DVD of the second one (And since books are mostly better I bought him;)

 And I ordered the bamboo brush set from
I'm so happy I finally have all those basic brushes.

Blouse New Look
Pants H&M
Bag Mango
Glasses H&M
Necklace Jutka & Riska

25 Apr 2011

Summer feeling

Having the most perfect summer feeling
while working for school and doubting about the usefulness of this blog.

18 Apr 2011

April's blossoms

After a whole year of impatient waiting, the time is there.
The blossoms in my street are finally on their best. 
It's like walking in a fairytale. Little petals swirl around with every bit of wind.

But who's never home? Right, me. And when I come back the petals will be lying on the ground, mixed together to a brown and shriveled mess.

These pictures are actually taken in the beginning. Right now the blossoms are even bigger and more fluffier!

16 Apr 2011

A trip to Amsterdam

As a birthday gift I got a trip to Amsterdam. I've never been there before so it was quit surprising.
Join me in the city of the bridges, bicycles and crooked houses.

Yummie! Puff cakes (soesjes)
The royal palace was pretty amazing
My first experience with bagels, actually better than I thought.

And the Van Gogh museum.
I disvered I'm not a big fan of him but there where some great sketches of Toulouse-Lautrec :)
Unfortunately my sister has my camera so I can't show you my purchases!

But I can tell you about my new favourite store :D Although one of my fav's:
Monki! I've showed some items to you earlier, but I didn't expect it would be that amazing.
When you have the oppurtonity to stop by a Monki store, go and check it ;)

Click on the picture for their webshop

2 Apr 2011

Wishlist River Island

Beautiful things at River Island!
I want every single piece

Looks like I'm into black/pink/stripes lately o.o