28 Feb 2011

Life is a party

Short version of the past days :)
I had to search all around to find some pictures (I didn't bring my camera with me)

bowling with class
later I went on restaurant for my birthday


in the bus to a fair about study directions (sid-in beurs)
crazy Ruby, as we know her xD

pre-drinking at a friend,
later big party in a café near,
and after that we slept in the tent where our party was going to be the next the day

Friday (honderd dagen: cowboys en indianen)
that's me :)
Quit boring day, we had to wait a loooot and we where very tired of the previous day

more hilarous pictures of this day will follow later I guess ^^

and at the end there was a biiiiig party! Whe've been partying till the late hours :D
Except for Ruby, who became ill :( We mist you darling!

And now she's still sick, get well soon!

23 Feb 2011

The 23rd of February

Picture from our Italy trip in October

Today is my eighteenth birthday :) I know it isn't that important in America but here it is!
We celebrated it very well. And I got a wonderful present from my parent: a city trip to Amsterdam! I was talking about since a few years (It isn't that far away) And now I'm so happy we'll finally go to Amsterdam! Over a few weeks I go on a weekend with a looot friends :D And there I'll really celebrate it! It's going to be so much fun!
And we went also bowling today, with our class. Very fun :)
Sorry for the bad writing but I'm really tired and I'm just happy :D
We're going to have an amaaaaazing week from now ! (I'll explain it later)

See ya !

22 Feb 2011

Jewellery Quest

I was on a jewellery and accesoires search lately! You know you can always make a woman happy with some jewellery ;)
These pretty ones are the result.

18 Feb 2011

Siel's book tips 2

There are many many books I like, but this are by far my favourites.
(See also in the previous part)
Unlike the last time, it's especially fantasy. (Sorry, it's my favourite genre !)

  • Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli
    (but still kinda weird)

  • Hook - Terry Brooks 
  • Northern lights (trilogy) - Philip Pullman
    Het Noorderlicht 

  • Eon - Allison Goodman
  • The city of Ember - Jeanne Duprau

Oh they're so good! I want them all! Unfortunately I haven't got one of them :(
But it's a dream of me to have a personal little library full with books I love :)

17 Feb 2011

Tea party with cats

A friend of us who studies photography asked us again for a school assignment, this is the result.

The theme is tea party like you can see. And man, it was delicious :D

photographer: Lieselore Van Den Wijngaert
dress Topshop
jacket H&M
dress vintage (Think Twice I guess)
shoes New Look

15 Feb 2011

Melissa Campaign Pictures

After the cool Monki campaign in the previous post, a new cool campaign !
And this  time from the amaaaazing brand Melissa.
Gosh, I want them all.

Yes it's Agyness :)
And she has an awesome necklace !

Designed by the great architect Zaha Hadid

Yes, it's Dita ;)

13 Feb 2011


I wish I could go to Amsterdam, there is a Monki store !
Such a cool shop.

These are my fav's of the current collection:

And check this cool campaign !

9 Feb 2011


I had still a few beautiful burlesque pictures of Siel. Enjoy watching them. =D

5 Feb 2011

Melissa Dream

Last night I dreamed about Melissa shoes. There was a shop full of them on sales prizes. And they where all so beautiful ! (Designed by my dream ;) I tried many of them and they fitted great. But I somehow forgot to buy a pair. Luckily I know my size, I thaught. When I woke up I was still happy that I knew my size so I could buy them online.

Yeah right. Keep on dreaming Siel.

Aren't they amazing? :)
And these are my al time favourites:

picture by tokiobanhbao

By the way there are some sales on their website !

4 Feb 2011

Please Vote, It would be very kind ^__^

-this  action is over-
Please vote for me/ Go to this website:
- First you have to "SIGN IN" with your facebook account.  Click on the heart! (ruby, on the first page of Popular)

I will be soooo graceful!

2 Feb 2011

Little little movie

I've had a little bit a computer dip today (loooot's of troubles with USB-sticks and stuff like that).
But I had to work with it for school.
And now I'm over my computer dip and I made a little movie of Ruby and me in Düsseldorf. I hope you'll enjoy!

Hmm the original quality was a lot better. Sorry for that!

1 Feb 2011

Hair doubts

Since a few months I'm doubting about another hair colour. Probably something red.
I've tried some things yesterday!
Maybe I should go for brown?
Neih, I want red. Something like the last one.
What do you think?
En don't mind the lazy photoshopping ! (and my face :p)