30 Jan 2011

Peter Pan dress

Do you know what's a Peter Pan dress?
You will recognise it probably, if you've seen one.
I've seen these dresses more and more lately and I adooore them!
But I still wonder why they are called Peter Pan dresses.
I guess something with the round collars.
But what is the link with Peter Pan?
Any idea?

27 Jan 2011

Think Twice Photo Shoot

First of all, thanks to Lady Mitroz for calling us one of her favourite blogs!

A few months ago Ruby and I where asked to model for a store. We know someone who studies photography and works there, and our previous photo shoot was also with her. Unfortunately we get the date just a week before and Ruby had to work that day. And that's why her twin sis stand in for her. You can see her pictures here.
I know I'm kinda late with showing the pictures but I've got them that late!

Doing the hair

Checking the make-up in the light.

If you'd like to see the pictures and you're going to Antwerp, check the Think Twice shop near the Meir, at the Dexia bank ;)
They've showed them in other Think Twice shops but I believe they're gone already.

And by the way, it's a vintage shop so if you don't like the 8O's you'll still gonna find some other nice things!
for the rest of the shoot.

25 Jan 2011

Great Commercials

There are some amazing commercials in television here lately that I'd like to show you.
I couldn't find them all on youtube so here are just a few.

The Axe angels
Breathtaking isn't it?

Lipton Tea party
I couldn't find anything about this commercial (probably cause it's quit new).
So this is another cool one.

Belgacom TV
It became a classic here, with famous quotes like "Who took my badjas" and "No koffiekoeken for you"
(a badjas is a bathrobe and koffiekoeken are some kind of pastries)

I stole this glamoures one from our northern neighbours. I adore it. It let me hear Caro Emerald's music for the first time, and since then I'm fond of her!

I hope you enjoyed it!

22 Jan 2011

Bright Colors you Never Forget!

We had a fun shoot a few weeks ago, and of course we are showing you the crazy, colorful pictures. Here is the first set, and of course the rest will follow soon.

The end.

21 Jan 2011

A flowered pair

When Ruby and I went to the H&M last Wednesday we saw this amaaaaazing flowerd pair. We both can't get them out of our head! And Ruby admitted she went to the H&M at her place to see if they where there too xD (They weren't) But she will get them.
I'm not going to buy them (altough I love love love them) since I still have some height complexes.

But I saw another pair in my eye corner. Also gorgeous! I'm thinking about buying these ones :)
They're also from H&M.
And no I'm not pregnant! I'm just showing the shoes to you ;)

19 Jan 2011

Oh Alice, Alice

Showing some pictures over the movie can not hurt, don't you think?
We both love Alice in Wonderland and we even called our blog to it :)

Have fun !

I haven't a favourite personage but I'd love to play the white queen!
and knowing Ruby, she would like to play the red queen or the mad hatter :)

And I've got this goorrrgeous necklace from Ruby for Christmas :D :D

I'm so happy with it! Thank youu

12 Jan 2011

Topshop fever

Maybe I'm kinda late, but you must take a look Topshop ! 
Especially the dresses and thights, they're amazing.

9 Jan 2011

Trend Alert: the Lita

Sorry for the long wait time ! I was actually waiting for Ruby's pictures, but there must be some problem I guess.

But That's not where I wanted to talk about!
I've spotted a new fashion trend, shoe fashion trend actually. If you're into fashion, you'll probably have seen them already.

Allow me to present you: the successor of the clogs, the new trend, ta ta ta taaaa ...

The Lita from Jeffrey Campbell
also in other models (sandals)

available in several colours and even with glitters!
Though black is the most popular

Seen on:
and many others ..

My opinion about the shoes?
I don't know, they're not ugly but I don't get the wow-effect. Maybe later? When I'm more used to it?