31 Dec 2011

2011, A year full of trends

A summary of the past trends of 2011. That is what I made for you. I hope you'll enjoy!

The colourblock has probably ruled the streets, we saw colour popping everywhere. Even the colored (skinny) jeans from a few years ago came back.
lookbook: Skinny Hipster
Gucci Spring 2011 rtw via

It was also the year of fur, finally breaking through. Even I bought my first furry thing! (A gorgeous leo coat, but I haven't got pictures of it yet.)

The minimalistic trend was huge this year and my prediction it that it will become even more popular. Leading (payable) brand here is COS, mark my words..
spon diogo summer 2012

Further we saw maxi skirts became very popular. Seen for years on celebrities and this year finally spotted on the streets. Followed by the rise of asymmetrical skirts.
A great example here fore is our dearest Ruby, who bought like a zillion long skirts last year haha ! But she's not the only one who loved it :)

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28 Dec 2011

The Rainbow of Italy

The Rainbow of Italy or L’Arcobaleno d’Italia is a futuristic (as in futurism, the art-movement) stage play that I'd like to share with you because of its wonderful fantasy. Wonderful - Two Wonder Girls, get the hint? ;)
The Futurists are know for their 'Synthetic theatre', which is very short but filled with impressions, ideas and symbols. I'll give you an easy example of a symbol: patriotism. You will definitely spot that in the text!

For once I'm really happy that I write this blog in English, so it don't have to be translated word by word!
(Though I did actually, to understand it perfectly for my paper, but I didn't wrote that down)

And I made a picture to make things clear if it's a bit too difficult. :) Please don't mind my drawing skills! It was late when I made this, very late. I even regret the precious study time I spent on it a bit :/

the oversized arrow describes the direction you have to look!

I hope you haven't been so stupid to view the picture first! (don't be ashamed I would do the same)
Cause that would have ruined your whole image of the play. You must read it with your own imagination and fantasy. This picture is as support for if you don't understand the text very well.

26 Dec 2011

Edited Pictures

I couldn't concentrate any more on my studies. I am studying art history. Now when my concentration was gone I thought to make a post because it has been a while again when I posted here. My sister Kim gets so well with editing pictures! It always surprises me :) Take a look!

22 Dec 2011

19 Dec 2011

Heart touching romance and womanly softness

It is a long time ago since I talked about art. And cause I'm studying art history, it's almost my duty to talk about it. :) (What doesn't mean it's an obligation for me, not at all)
I stumbled coincidentally on the painter Waterhouse once. Since then, it never let me go. I love the heart touching romance and womanly softness in his works.
Here are my favourites:

1. Ophelia - from Shakespeare's Hamlet
2. Diogenes - an ancient cynical philosopher (you should google him, there are the best anecdotes about him!)
3. The (water)nymph Undine
4. Ophelia again
Waterhouse has totally blown me away with this beautiful Ophelia. I love the whole atmosphere, it gives me such a spring/holiday feeling. She is so relaxed, musing a bit about who knows, maybe Hamlet?
5. Miranda - from Shakespeare's the Tempest
6. Juliet
I love this painting. It's a beautiful portrait, with a bit childish looks. That's new, but that gives a value here I think. It made her look more innocent, maybe even a little insecure. And the background fits perfectly in my image of an ancient Italy

And of course all of them are great inspiration.

source pics: wikipedia

17 Dec 2011

I see you

Did Louboutin start a new trend with his "see-through" boots?

Or was Valentino the first one who came up with this first?

Topshop jumped on the trendtrain anyway.

Or maybe was Chanel the trendsetter after all, cause they had their pair years ago.

I love it anyway !
Which is your favourite pair? I can't choose :)


14 Dec 2011

Just like Sinterklaas

Bringing the Christmas atmosphere at my place :) Cute don't you think? ^^

Check the giant ferris wheel at the background!
That was yesterday. And today I recieved a package, awesome !
Just by liking a facebookpage (months ago I think, I can't really remember). I received a message that I won a headphone of the brand Rocking Residence. It said I could choose the one I wanted. And tadaaaa !
Actually I wasn't sure if it was real, it could be spam or something x)
So I was very happy when I received a note in my mailbox, saying that a package was arrived.
I got a giant box at the reception of my building and oh yeah, there was my headphone! Awesome.

Funny actually, cause I often doubted about buying him. And now I got it for free :D

12 Dec 2011

The how-would-we-call-it? trend

Perfect in line with the 'death lips' trend ,
the all white, deathly, nude, light, sheer, colourless , clean, transparent, toneless, neutral, ice cold, winter coloured, monotonous, pale, colour faded,  -how would we call it?- trend.

I love it! Very minimalistic also

The toddler at the background gives the finishing touch ;)

9 Dec 2011

A mixture of arctic prints

 Haha I was wondering lately what that weird looking ridge was doing on my glove. I thought that my hand was deformed in a few minutes or something. It appeared to be my own knuckles, haha!
My gloves have been often in the washing machine, and so they had shrunk (a lot!) And I didn't even notice hah.
Here you see my weird looking mini hand.

cardigan : H&M
dress : JBC
leggings : New Look
shoes : Minnetonka

7 Dec 2011

Let me introduce you

I present you a new blog!
Her style is absolutely stunning, quelle inspiration!
And yes that's French. Probably the only French sentence I understand.
(No, not really true) I'm just tired of trying to translate some complicated French text for school!
I'm thinking of taking it to my grandpa, who's way better in the French language then me.
Anyway, I'm straying off the subject. And that was a new blog!
May I introduce you to stylorectic, an Austrian girl with a splendid style.
See for yourself:

This is my absolute favourite! The combination of a plain bright shirt with a neutral grey but special minimalistic skirt, and then the futuristic see-through handbag and the minority of jewellery, just a simple yet amazing golden choker. God I love golden details xD
Orange with gold is one of my favourite combinations, it's so chic!
This outfit, somehow doesn't fit in. But I think it's cute :)

I want a skirt like that very badly! Preferably black and white instead of brown :)

Isn't this the perfect summer outfit?
I'm loving the combination of the bright printed shorts and geeky blouse.

Isn't it a great inspiration !

6 Dec 2011


Impression of the day

1. Detail of today's outfit
2. I've got one of Ruby's birdies too :)
3. Last week it was museum night at Gent. We went to several museums including the exhibition of Maeterlinck's l'Oiseau bleu (where the movie Blue Bird was inspired by)
4. Little bit shopping today, after class. I bought a beautiful purple pajamas at Etam

And yes, for once I didn't forget my camera!