24 Nov 2010

Siel's Book Tips

Fashion Books
  • What will I wear today - Fifi Lapin
  • Serial Shoppeuse - Tokyobanhbao   
(I haven't read these two, but they look good!)

Funny Books / Chicklit
  • Angus, Thongs And Full-Frontal Snogging - Louise Rennison (Georgia Nicholson series)*
      Tijgers, Tanga's en Tongzoenen
  • Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella
      Wat Spook Jij Uit?

Fantasy Books
  • A Great And Terribly Beauty - Libba Bray (Gemma Doyle trilogy)*
      Een Verschrikkelijke Schoonheid
  • Eragon - Christopher Paolini (Eragon trilogy)*
  • Inkheart - Cornelia Funke (Ink Trilogy)*
      Hart van Inkt

Serious Books
  • Before I die - Jenny Downham
      Voor ik doodga
  • O, boy! - Marie-Aude Murail
  • The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas - John Boyne*
      De jongen in de gestreepte Pyjama

* Filmed books

These are all books I really really like. They're all favourites of mine. The movies on the other hand aren't that good.  But I haven't seen them all, yet.
I choose intentionally the more successful books, they are easier to find in many countries.

 Voila c'est ça !

Bye, Siel

22 Nov 2010


I don't know of you go on Facebook sometimes. It's really the way to communicate here.
Some of you may have noticed the many Disney characters on profile pics, or else it's just a phenomenon in Belgium.
The plan is to persuade so many people as possible to change their profile pic into an animation character of your childhood.
I choose Lady, from Lady and the tramp.
Afterwards  I started to think about why I choose her. It wasn't my favourite Disney movie, I don't really have one. But it was my favourite character in that movie since the beginning.
Now I realise that Lady expresses my style perfectly.
Lady. Not feminine, although that's an aspect of lady, but my style is more coquette.
I like to dress ladylike, I don't feel comfortable when I wear too often masculine, robust clothes. Cute isn't my style neither, that's again just an aspect of lady.
But it's not only a way to dress. For me it's who I am.
I notice it and all my behaviour. A person from my class teases me sometimes, with saying I'm too prudish (Off course she exaggerates, she's just the opposite ;) But I have some thing that I want to do everything eh ladylike, I like to look elegant. You'll never see me behave vulgar.  Another example, I have a pair of boots

and when I wear these I feel quit crude, coarse. I still wear them, because they're comfy and warm in the winter and quick to get in to. But it still doesn't feel well.
It has something to do about the soft sole of the shoe, when I buy flats it's almost a requirement! It helps me to feel elegant.
It's kinda hard to explain but I think the people who know me good, will recognise me in the character Lady

Pfu enough talking about me for today!
But now you understand the way I think a bit, I can go quit deep with analysing stuff like this.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and I didn't make you bored !

Love, Siel

Carolien sorry voor het stelen van je foto ;)

14 Nov 2010

Italia Roma

Our day in Rome was quit heavy, we saw many many things and I'm just gonna show you some.
Let's start our tour!

Walking to Villa Borghese.

Famous for the sculpture of Paolina Borghese, sister of Napoleon.
Yet taking pictures inside wasn't allowed so I got these ones from the official site of Villa Borghese.

Moving on with our tour through Rome

The shopping street with great shops as Chanel,, Jimmy Choo, Bulgari, ...
I forgot the name and all the tralala of this building but if you throw a coin with your left hand over your right shoulder in the fountain you will go back to Rome one day (says the legend). So off course we threw a cent. ;)

Impressing ceilings with brilliant trompe l'oeil's.

The famous Forum Romanum. We hadn't got the time to visit it but we looked over it.

And we couldn't miss the Colosseum off course ...

Amaaazing boots !

See you again with the pope ;)

8 Nov 2010

Italia Siena

You make me realise again how wonderful it is to have a blog, reading al your sweet comments
oh I just can't stop smiling!

Now welcome in Siena !

See you again in Rome !

7 Nov 2010

Italia Venezia e Ravenna

And we're back from Italy!

All ready a few days shame on me, but I've been busy.
And here are the pictures of our first days. I decided to show them in a few posts (one or a few days per post)

Beginning on a parking on the go
Ruby's cute River Island sweater
(Sorry Ru, for stealing these three pictures! )

The next morning a quick pic in our hotel room before we left to Venice. And yes I'm eating a carrot ;)
And then we are in Venice, unfortunately with kinda bad weather
You can see our big group of people.
Although it looks little here, it are 103 students.
The stand of the water was really high!

The next day we went to Ravenna to see for instance San Vitale

Many beautiful trompe l'oeil's, mosaics and wall-paintings.

And then on the go to our next hotel.

We'll see you again in Siena !