24 Oct 2010

Ciao ciao !

Last night at 5 o clock in the morning (our time), we left to Italy! It's a school trip :) We're going to see the big and famous places like Rome, Venice, Firenze, Pompeii, Siena, ...
I've been already to most of them a few years ago but I don't mind! And it's Ruby's first time, how cute ^^.
We're going to see a lot museums and things like that because of our study (art remember!).
Like you see, it's a while ago ;) I'm like 13? 14?

So, we'll see you again within 12 days!

And for the ones who have autumn vacation like us next week, have fun!

23 Oct 2010

Dancing the beast

Today I'll show you my final movie! The theme was explained in the previous post but I'll explain it again to you. The subject was animals and we had to make a comparison between animals and human with a technique of our choice. I've chosen to make a video. (I didn't knew this in the beginning of course.) I started with masks but I replaced them not much later by T-shirts

My story s about how people take over the personality off the mask. I let a friend dance, African inspired, cause they have often animals represented movements in their dances.
I choose three groups of animals to display: cats, birds and insects. I analysed the motions of these animals. Little note: for cats I inspired me on cats and lions, for birds on geese, swans and crane birds and for insect mostly on grasshoppers and ants.
With this dance I tried to show you the animal she presents at that moment without being too obvious.

I'm not very happy with the result although the dance was performed very well. But I had some problems with the background and its also stupid that you don't see anything of the prints on the T-shirts! And I'm not happy about the adaptation of the movie. But I'm not an expert and this is just the second movie I ever worked on.

The commentary of the jury (the teacher corps):
A great idea, but their might have been a bit more study to the animals and shown it better in the movie. They said you could see it in the beginning but at the end the idea get no longer in.  The movie was also too long, 1,5 minutes must have been the max for this type of video. And of course they talked about the less good technical side and blah blah blah. They even said this was like a preliminary study instead of a real finished artwork. A bit rude but I do agree with them.
These commentary may have sound quit bad but I think it was OK. They where mostly right with their judgement and I think they really liked the idea.
So now I'm really curious about my score! Fingers crossed for me! :D

Ooh the video doesn't work :( I spent hours yesterday and today to upload it but it won't work!
Well,  now you understand  the idea at least..

20 Oct 2010

Little Sneak Peek

Busy busy busy! Sunday we leave to Italy (I'll tell you more about it later),Friday 2 big tests and a presentation over an Italian museum and tomorrow: evaluation!
We have different practical classes like painting art, 3d art(sculptures), graphic arts, ... And one important class: atelier. Here you get a subject and you can make what you want. After a certain period this has to be finished on time and then there is an evaluation with a jury (the teacher corps).
Our subject was animals and it has to go about the comparison between animals and human.
You may have seen Ruby's rat pictures and preparation of the rat masks.
Now I give you a little sneak peek of my project! I give you a few pictures earlier
(It's a movie)
Just too to late film Ruby's funny little dance!

Isn't it nice of me that I make some time in my busy busy week to make this post? :D

19 Oct 2010

Fashion Profile

I've no idea of you know le blog: le monde de Tokyobanhbao. But it's amazing! she draws very cute (mostly by computer) And now she has made a great quiz together with Ykone.
It's a test to discover your fashion profile! For people like me, who have many many styles, it's really handy!

My answer:
It's true! and I learned something about myself actually :) Of course it's not all correct, like the push-up bra and figure hugging dresses (just now and then), or disliking cheap clothes and owning some haute couture. But the rest is kinda true!

Curious? It's a facebook application and you can make it here.

Good luck!

18 Oct 2010

Flair Shopping Day I

Normally all shops are closed on Sunday in Belgium, but yesterday the Wijnegem Shopping Center was open cause it was Flair Shopping Day! (Flair is a Belgian woman-magazine.) There where several things like the hair stand, make-up stand, cover stand (what we did) and many many discounts. I'll show you my purchases later. And when you're looking through the pictures, you don't look double! Ruby's twin sister joined us :D More pictures at the mad twins, also a link to ATV (a regional television station) with a little movie where you can spot us :)

I'm late, like always.
Ruby forgive me luckily!

 We're having fun, like always :D

The two sisters together, can you see who is who?
Siel is wearing:
vintage cardigan (Think Twice)
lace top New Look
skirt H&M
dark blue tights New Look
shoes New Look
bag ZARA

Ruby is wearing:
dress River Island (do you recognise it?)
tights Urban Outfitters?
shoes, necklace H&M
necklace with pearls and stuff New Look
diadem H&M
bag Vintage

Kim is wearing:
blouse Urban Outfitters
cardigan Vintage
skirt Dept
purple tights ?
shoes Vintage
bag River Island

16 Oct 2010


We went out for dinner (my mum's birthday) yesterday. I wore my new blazer !.

H&M vintage dress, Vero Moda blazer

 high heels from New Look
 and belt also from New Look. What a beauty, isn't it?

 After dinner:
 I'm such a broddler!

Love, Siel

15 Oct 2010

Mango bag

I went chopping last Wednesday with a friend.

 "Mon Plus Joli Pull" from Promod and an owl necklace from Jutka & Ritska.

What I've bought :

Military jacket Vero Moda

Cardigan from Think Twice (Vintage)

Skirt from Think Twice (vintage)

And then, the actual reason for going to Antwerp: Getting the Mango bag! If you voted here (You still can vote!) You get a voucher for this Mango bag :D For free! Only in the Belgian stores!
 Check the leather and the wool, it's so trendy!
This is how I would combine it:

 Love, Siel

10 Oct 2010


Last Thursday wehad a school trip to the Middelheim Parc. That's a parc full with art. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I stole some pictures from my classmates. If you'd like to see more (art)pictures of this trip you can go to themadtwins.

Ruby acting like Balzac (the sculpture), not noticing the person behind her xD

Ruby behind the scenes ^^

9 Oct 2010

Siel's alltime Wishlist

Don't you have some things that you really really really want? Things that are hard to find or too expensive for you ? I have! And I'd like to show you my list.
You'll see the big influence of blogs!

Although the Alexa is very pretty, I prefer the Mulberry Bayswater. Preferable a simple one, and a gooorgeous one in lac leather. And perhaps another special one. I don't know yet :D
First sight lac version: on The Cherry Blossom Girl.
Price: €750, €850

I have one favourite but unfortunately I can't find him :( If I would I would buy him immediately! But the chances to find the watch are decreasing, cause it's from a few seasons ago. So I'm afraid I'm never going to buy my darling.
Let's present my one and only big love:
The  Just Cavalli Snake End - Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch pfoe! what a name
First seen at Asos
Price: between €200 - 300

1) I already wrote an article about it, the Pirate Boots of Vivienne Westwood. Oh they're so beautiful !
First sight: I think at Tokyobanhbao, I'm not sure.
Price: about €400

2) And other boots designed by her hand: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Bow Detail Ankle Boots. First I thought I would never buy these but now you see the brand everywhere here in Europe. When I was in London I finally saw them in real and I even tried them on. Stupid kid as I am, I was doubting too much about the price and the fact that I didn't need them. Anyway, now I know my size :)
First seen at Tokyobanhbao
Price: about €90

Too Faced Seek To Conquer The World Domination Tour (Box). Or another palette/box from Too Faced. They are all amazing and wonderful to get as present (Hint? ;) ) But this particular one is hard to find lately.
First seen at Misslipgloss
Price: €34

1) Marc Jacobs Silver Bracelets Solid Cuff Wrist Band. I'd almost convinced my dad to order them on Ebay. Almost.
First seen at Le blog de Betty
Real price: ? Ebay price: from €30

2) Disney Couture ! I love love love that brand! I love almost everything there but I'll show you some of my favourites.
First seen in a magazine
Price: €30 till €100

And I thought I would only remember a few things! It went a whole list. Come on Siel, start saving money! Oh right, I'm still saving for a laptop, and I'm not even half.

8 Oct 2010