24 Sep 2010

New Look fall '10

It's fall. And the fall collections hang everywhere in the shops. So does the collection of New Look. I've got the magazine when I bought something there. And it's filled with some gooorgeous things! Watch and see...

amazing isn't it? I just loove all those autumn colours!

and I adoooore these shoes with wool

Love the yellow coat :)

20 Sep 2010

Nail polish here, nail polish there, nail polish everywhere !

Since I saw this gorgeous nail polish I immediately wanted to have it. It's quit expensive and I'm saving for a laptop so it won't be something I'll buy now but maybe in the future.
This beauty kinda inspired me to show you some beautiful polishes
Here we go!

The famous Chanel Jade
(Normally I don't like mint green but I like it for nail polish!)
O.P.I. Teal the cows and come home

Paul & Joe Sugar Pink

Essie Carousel Coral (my all time favourite colour of Essie!)

M.A.C. Steamy  (limited edition)

Eyeko Pink pollish

awesome matte black! Manglaze The death tar (by

 Lancôme Midnight Glam

 Anna Sui Blue green (shimmer)
 H&M Blue my mind
(The whole summer long I said to myself to buy this one. I still haven't got it.)

19 Sep 2010

Last year pictures

I haven't got new outfitpictures so I thought I'd show you some old pictures!
(they're all from last year)

Making off  That night stop motion

School trip Dusseldörf

16 Sep 2010

Fauvism II

Some of you don't know much about Fauvism and that's why I want to explain "the base" to you. But I'm not an expert, we've recently seen the movement so I just tell about the things I know at the moment.

It all started with an exhibition in France: Salon d'Automne (1905).
This was a large hall with in the middle a bust and Fauvistic works around it. An artcritic said something about it: "La candeur de ce buste surprend au milieu de l'orgie des tons purs: Donatello parmi les fauves."
What means something like: It looks like a Donatello in a room filled with savages. (Donatello was a classic sculptor with sculptures in the style of the Greek)
So fauvism comes from the French word fauve, what savage means.

-no perspective
-bright, wild colours
-make things more abstract

There is a list of Fauvistic artists but I'll show you a few of the most well-known.

Henri Matisse 
You can see his evolution.
Harmony in Red
King of Sorrow
 The sheaf (I don't know of this is the right translation)

Georges Braque
 Landscape at Estaque
 The viaduct of Estaque (although this is more kubism)

André Derain
Charing Cross Bridge (London)

You can see that I like Matisse the most. When I was little he was one of my favourite artists! Because of his colours probably ;)

15 Sep 2010


Yesterday our arthistory lesson was about fauvism. There was some time left at the end and our teacher suggested to draw each other in fauvistic style. En a good student as she is ;) Ruby started immediately to draw me! Two other classmates too, so I had to be a model for a while. I eventually got 2 of the drawings. Watch and see ...
The colours are brighter normally! It's in fluo

me (older picture)
Cato's version

Ruby's version (old version of me!)

Example of fauvism. (Matisse)

14 Sep 2010


You have to admit it. Fur is one of the winter trends.
I used to be absolutely against fur. In the first place for the animals (of course) and in the second place, it was horribly ugly. But opinions can change and mine does this very often with fashion. So there must be a time that I would change my mind about fur. And that time is now. I'm changing my mind slightly more and more.

And Since I said still changing I like the more subtle fur, not long coats till the ground (yet?) and of course faux fur!
I'll show you some examples:

Raspberry Jam


New Look (It just looks so cosy!)
New Look
Asos Magazine (Wool is fur in my opinion)

12 Sep 2010

New Jumpsuit!

New jumpsuit from New Look!
Shoes Pimkie