29 Aug 2010

Het Emmapadje - The path of Emma

skirt H&M,
top Vila,
jacket ZARA,
hat H&M,
bag/belt vintage

dress AllSaints,
vest New Look,
headband selfmade,
belt Vintage,
backpack Portugal (I think? anyway it's old!)

26 Aug 2010

Time for Antwerp

Can you see Ruby with her cute red hat?

Da Giovanni is the place to eat pizza in Antwerp. So when you visit Antwerp, take a stop for lunch or dinner ;) Outside there are annoying waiters trying to get you inside, but inside it's really cosy (You can't see it very well on these pictures)  You can find the restaurant near the cathedral.

25 Aug 2010

Miss Dior Chérie

Have you seen the website of  Miss Dior Chérie ? It's a shame if you haven't! Because the site is as beautiful as the The house of Viktor & Rolf!
It's wired like those brands can make things just the way you adore it! But I'm not gonna tell you about brands. I want to show you the advertisements of Miss Dior Chérie.
Watch and see ...

The commercial is incredible to. It stands for almost everything I love! You can see it on the site.
So my tip for you: Go the the website and let yourself be enchanted.

24 Aug 2010

Weekend in Germany

Here are my pictures of my weekend in Germany ! I was invited to celebrate the 16th birthday of a friend of mine. We left early Saturday morning. Before checking in in the hotel we went to the Eifelpark There we had a lot fun xD, check the video ;) A few hours later we went back to our hotel (by foot, while it was way too hot for trousers!) In the hotel we immediately jumped into the pool and when we were cold again into the sauna :) Yay! Later we crashed the hotel room (Don't worry it wasn't that bad) And that was the and of day 1. Day 2 was nothing special. We were to tired for an early swim so we just stayed in our room till we had to leave (just before noon) We went home again with a few stops meanwhile.
So that was my weekend, I hope you had so much fun as me
Bye! Siel

and by the way, I'm the one with the red cardigan ;)

I don't know the expression in English that you can't stop with laughing but I had it on that moment !

I'm a lot bigger, that explains my wired position ;) I was afraid that my head wouldn't fit in the picture xD

22 Aug 2010

MANGO New Collection

Mango's new collection is gorgeous !

I just looove this look! I don't know why but it so right! The hair, the glasses, the lipstick, the blazer

21 Aug 2010

Would you like a slice of bread?

Yesterday's outfit (I'm in Germany now! Auf Wiedersehen):

I just came back from the baker! (That's why I'm carrying a bread ;)

shadowfun xD

dress - Topshop
hat - little store in Portugal
straw bag - Vintage

By the way you may have seen the flower print on the dress before. A few months ago they had exactly the same at Mango and I'm still piste of for that! Since I bought this dress two years ago

20 Aug 2010

Pirates! Aaargh!

I'm seeing another trend!
(Gosh I'm really a trend spotter this week!)
Like you saw in the title: PIRATE BOOTS!

So come on with the parrots, golden earrings and scars ! Aaargh!

No :D I didn't mean the whole pirate thing! Just the boots.

It all started with the boots of Vivienne Westwood
You probably noticed that they're very popular

Emma Watson

Kate Moss

Sienna Miller

 Keira Knightley

Japanese streetstyle

and I can go and go on and go on ...
But don't panic if you can't get these ones!

also from Tokyobanhbao
These are boots from Kurt Geiger (That's a lot cheaper than Vivienne Westwood!)

and Chloe has made a beautiful knock-off to!

and Topshop also

Do you like this trend as much as I do?
Love, Siel