30 Jun 2010

Walking Ruby

Cardigan H&M
bag Sac d'Anvers

27 Jun 2010

26 Jun 2010

The world is pretty only if you make it pretty!

Pictures made by Ruby, model Siel

simple holiday outfit :
skirt Urban Outfittersshirt H&M
cardigan JBC
bag Vintage

25 Jun 2010

a magical world

“One way can be learned by starting to see the magic in everything.

Sometimes it seems to be hiding but it is always there.
The more we can see the magic in one thing, a tiny flower, a mango, someone we love, then the more we are able to see the magic in everything and in everyone.
Where does the mango stop and the sky begin?”

-Joshua Kadison- 


photos by Siel, "model" Ruby
(she wasn't posing)

24 Jun 2010


We are tagged by Rebecca from it's cohen ! Thank you very much :)

The questions:
1)Cats or dogs?
Ruby: cats & dogs
Siel: dogs
2)What is your favourite quotation of all time?
Ruby: up and down up and down, why can't we recover like that

3)I need to download more music! Which one artist do you recommend?
Ruby: Evelyn Evelyn, Emilie Autumn, Sountrack from how to train your dragon (forbidden friendship, test drive, LMC, My skinn from Natalie Merchant, ...
 Siel: now I'm into Caro Emerald and Laura Janssen and also the music from 'How to train your dragon' and 'Enchanted'
4)What was the last thing you bought?
Ruby: mm that's been a while :(
Siel: a beautiful H&M skirt with a black and brown pattern together with some make-up from wet'nwild
5)What is your vice?
Siel: The computer distracts me to much! Mostly when I have to study. And I have a tic with my hair that I urgently have to stop. And I'm a chocolate-addicted, but that isn't negative is it? 

6)Do you dream in colour?
Ruby: I do ^^
Siel: Yes, in what else ? ö
7)Write a haiku about the last half hour of your life.
Do you mind if we skip this question ?:p
8)Take a photo of the first thing you see when you look to your left.
Ruby: you don't wanne see that XD I'm painting my nail at the moment xD
Siel: It's funny because I'm painting my nails too right now, and we are not together :p 
(first Siel, then Ruby)

By the way we're just back from our little holiday of three days to the Ardennen :) Pictures will follow soon!

21 Jun 2010

Black Boots

Have you noticed all those black ankleboots currently? You can see it every wear! (but especially on fashion sites) and they are really great! I'm in love with such type of shoes <3
Love, Siel

Like these! Aren't they just amazing ?

(New Look)

(New Look)


I saw beautiful shoes likes this in ZARA and I really really want them!

20 Jun 2010


Check this beautiful photo I saw in H&M Magazine! :O

While we're still talking about H&M Magazine, check also this inspiring collages!

(click on them for a larger view)

and haha I even found my jumpsuit in it ^^

19 Jun 2010

Degas' little dancer


The impressionist Degas has made some beautiful paintings. I think everybody agrees with that. But he also made sculptures like this Little dancer of fourteen year old. (People where shocked because modelling was linked with prostitution back then.) Ruby and I discussed over it. -It seems like that we always discuss at art history :p- Well simply said, I think she's ugly and Ruby said she's not. Now you can hear us coming...
What do you think about this work?

So dear people let us hear your voices!

18 Jun 2010

Siel's school project (new media) extra part

I found this "test"photo for my school project on my computer. There are more of them (no idea where they are), but this was the best one :) It even might be better than the 'real' one!

She looks just a little bit to Catholic and young. But further is it a great pic!
(And the background is a lot better than the other ones)

Love, Siel

PS support for me tonight! I've got an examination of music!

Adorable Fashion!

Lovely  Cupcake Corset

I hope you enjoyed the adorable fashion. The best dresses you can buy in paris,
or online 
"Baby the star shine Bright"