31 May 2010

Fotoshoot Liquid

models: Ruby, Siel and Loes
location: Rivierenhof, Deurne
(the real photos will follow later, we haven't got them yet)

30 May 2010

Catrice nailpolish

New nailpolish! Bought last wednesday, when Ruby and I where in antwerp.

looks a bit like the nailpolish from Gosh don't you think?
You can see that the left one has a cool shine!

I couldn't wait to try them out :D
and you see .. they are really beautiful

The colours are:
190 Wrapped around my finger
250 I sea you (this is the green one)

Bye !

29 May 2010

Edward Munch

A few days ago we discussed Edward Munch with art history. The artist who painted The Scream.
The two we picked out were: Madonna and Fear

First Madonna:

Munch was afraid of death, and everything that has to deal with is. With this painting he wanted to tell that we're all dying since we're born. You can see that the foetus' head already looks like a scull.
I loved this work, also because we thought she looks like The Corps Bride in the movie of Tim burton. Don't you think?

This painting is named Fear:

Edward Munch was a little paranoia. So this is another painting of something he's afraid of. We're not going to tell you all about it. You can go to wikipedia for more information.
The first woman on the front, looks like the doll, we used for our stop motion. (We once had to make a stop motion movie for the course 3d art) 
Then check the man on the front, on the left side. We think he looks a bit like the barman in "The Corps Bride".
In short, we figured out that Tim Burtons figures looked like Munch figures. We think that Munch inspired Tim burton. Or maybe
we're just paranoia.

That was everything.
Love Ruby

28 May 2010


(AllSaints Antwerp, picture one: Annelyse and two: Ruby)


AllSaints is an amazing English shop.Unfortunately, it's a little bit expensive (the dresses are about 100 pounds), but it's really lovely. Their style is grunge, nonchalant but still feminine. And they haven't got much colour in their collections. Mostly black, grey or white. Ruby found this shop in the Kammenstraat in Antwerp -That's a street with more expensive shops- and after months of nagging about it, she finally brought me to AllSaints. Lukely for us it was in the sales.

Here you can see us while Ruby was wearing the dress that we both bought that day for €17! I now, it's not a great photo but it's the only one I have right now.
Ruby also bought there a beautiful flowerprinted dress. I'll beg her to take a picture of it!

I would loove to have these two items!

Woman clothes

Men's clothes
Children's clothes

You can find AllSaints in: antwerp-barcelona-berlin-copenhagen-cork-dublin-paris-atlanta-boston-chicago-losangeles-newyork-miami-sanfrancisco-and a looot english cities

and there is a webshop!
Hurry It's 25% off now!

Love, Siel

here are the pictures of my dress

you can see it has special pockets.
the ring is from SIX, the jegging from Esprit
(for the people who don't know the word jegging: it's a jeans legging)

The Pictures Siel begged for. I'm sorry, they aren't that good.

27 May 2010

lovely Topshop

I guess they like leggs at Topshop?

But we still looove Topshop. Check this adorable little jacket!

Siel x

26 May 2010


dress Jutka & Ritska (vintage)
cardigan H&M
heels H&M
hat H&M 
bag flea market
glasses Pimkie
lipstick MAC Viva Glam

I thought this picture was lovely to put it underneath these pictures. The style and cuteness is absolutely stunning. Don't you agree?

Love Ruby