30 Dec 2010


Inspiration: Moulin rouge, Pandora, Marilyn Monroe...
I hope you like the pictures, and enjoy! ^_^

26 Dec 2010

Christmas chopping

Siel and I went Christmas shopping last Thursday. And her are some pictures of our outfits. Enjoy ^_^

25 Dec 2010

Merry Christmass :)

Yesterday I've had a dinner with the whole family, with presents and everything. I've got a voucher for ICI PARIS, with a sample of Flora by Gucci, which smells wonderful!

And tonight it'll be with just my father, mother and sister. Now I'm still making my sister's present actually, I was a bit in a time rush!
She asked for a travel jewellery box and since I couldn't find anything nice I made one.
I've bought some a little and a bigger box (normally for beads and pearls and stuff like that) and I drew on it. Very simple. I wanted to add some jewels to it but since I was in a time rush, I had no time. 
But it all went fine after all, now I hope she'll be happy with it!
(And I'm a little bit curious after my present)

22 Dec 2010

Look the book

Hihi and you might noticed it, I finally joined lookbook!
Check the badge on the right ;)
Now we're only waiting for Ruby :D

21 Dec 2010

New Crush

Since I saw these glasses several months (years?) ago a in magazine, worn by one of the Olsen twins, I adore it. And now I finally find out where they're from! The Chanel s5018. Some amazing pair of round, two toned glasses. I wish I could start saving again.

Aren't they amazing?

20 Dec 2010


Little tip: go check the amazing collection of Chanel on The Cherry Blossom girl!
The whole collection is inspired by Byzantium, lots of gold and mosaics though

17 Dec 2010

Search for shoes

I urgently need some shoes. And then I mean very urgent! Shoes for Winter, warm and cosy.
There are two types of shoes who qualify. Laced little boots preferably brown or black studded boots. I found al ready some pair I like -I'm a hard one- but they were all rejected by my mum. Bah!

Take a look on my loves

(Not warm enough according my mum)

(I haven't seen them in the shops. And no way you buy this online! according my mum)

 Sam Edelman:
(Too expensive and not that beautiful according my mum)
(no online shopping Siel! You can't trust it)

Webshopholic as I am, she drives me nuts by forbidding me!
Rarely she allows me to buy something online, and if she does it's mostly a book or something like that.
But otherwise she is okay.

16 Dec 2010

Secret FashionPassion

Oh oh this isn't good, I'm to much inspired lately and can't say goodbye to my laptop for a while! Bad habbit, bad habbit! Come on Siel go back to your French, you really need to!
No just one more minute ! :D

While most fashionlovers spent hours on sites like, watching modeshows. I prefer  webshops. It's an addiction for me! I'm allways aware of the newest items of  H&M, New Look, Asos, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, and I can go on and go on.

Take a look at some of my fav's

15 Dec 2010


We're very busy with studying ! That's why there aren't that much interesting posts ;)
I made myself a cosy place ...

 ... but it doesn't help much.

Are you also studying? I'm glad for you if you aren't! 
Lot's of bored greetings from here

12 Dec 2010

Olive, Aubergine and Black

I went shopping last saturday !
These are my boughts:

a green and gold sweater, a blue dress, some frames for in my room and the first part of Ruby's christmas present :D What I'm not going to show you, you'll understand why ;)

This is what I wore today: a sweater from JBC, an H&M skirt and a purple panty. 
Not brilliant pictures but and don't have much time now!
I love the combination of the olive green, aubergine, black and gold :) I also wore a pair of red ballerina's and a black and grey scarf when I went outside !